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Life Hack: Cover Scuffed Shoes with Duct Tape

Let’s face it, kids are tough on shoes. Just one bike ride with toes dragging can ruin a perfectly good pair. Or normal play at parks and on playgrounds. Or kneeling on cement doing sidewalk chalk. The toes are the first to go, but with a little decorative duct tape you can put a few more miles on those cute kicks.

Duck Tape Shoe Tips 1

Here’s how we covered our scuffed shoes with a super simple trick!buy essay

Duck Tape Shoe Tips 2 _ scuffed

Supplies needed for Duct Tape Covered Shoes:

  • scuffed up shoes
  • patterned or colorful duct tape in color combos you like
  • strong scissorsDuck Tape Shoe Tips 3 _ materials

Cut a piece of duct tape just a little longer and wider than you need to go over tip of shoe.

If the shoe has a seem, follow it. Place the straight edge first watching to keep it perpendicular to the rest of the shoe.

Press in the middle of straight edge, then carefully lay down the rest of the straight edge pressing into shoe. Leave any extra tape lose, don’t wrap it around the sole of the shoe.

Cut 2 slits to prevent the duct tape from puckering. This divides the piece of tape into 3 tabs. Cut as far as you can into the tape until you reach the shoe.

Duck Tape Shoe Tips 4 _ cut

Tuck the sides in and press firmly to shoe.

Duck Tape Shoe Tips 5 _ tuck

Now press the middle tab down to the shoe. There will be some overlap but try to make clean corners like when you are wrapping a present.

Trim as closely to the edge of the shoe as you can and then use a fingernail to tuck the edge of the tape into the valley between the top of the shoe and the sole.

Duck Tape Shoe Tips 6 _ hacked

This will buy a few more months in those cute shoes and it changes it up for a little something new and funky.

Duck Tape Shoe Tips 7 _ finished
Now those shoes are ready to go run and bike and dance and skip and crawl and fly again. If I could only get them to hold still for a picture!

Duck Tape Shoe Tips 7 _ finished3

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