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15 Cleaning Hacks You Must Try

The days are starting to get longer, the weather is a little warmer, it’s time for spring! Along with the spring season comes spring cleaning. You’ll love the feeling of a fresh clean house, and we have 15 cleaning hacks you’ll love leaving your house ready for spring!


15 Cleaning Hacks You Must Try

When you see how much easier these cleaning hacks make the cleaning process, you’ll wish you’d have read them years ago! From dust and grime to toilets and toothbrushes, there’s a hack here for every room in your house!

1. How to clean your stove burners without scrubbing: Those stove burners can really collect a lot of grime! This method will show you how to clean them without even having to scrub. Find the tutorial over at The V Spot.

Stove Cleaning Hack

2. Citrus Magic for Microwave Cleaning: This citrus trick works like magic in your microwave!  Find the tutorial over at Make and Takes for this simple cleaning hack.

Citrus Microwave Hack

3. How to Clean a Washing Machine: Got dirt and grime hanging out in your washer? This tip will show you how to get your washer bright and clean again! Find the tutorial over at I Am That Lady.

How to Clean a Washing Machine

4. Homemade Room and Linen Spray: This spray is perfect for using on things like mattresses and sofas that can’t be washed in a machine. Find the tutorial over at The Lone Home Ranger.

DIY Room Spray

5. How to Clean Your Toilet With Coke: Did you know that Coke can clean your toilet? So crazy! Find the tutorial over at Chick Advisor.

Cleaning a Toilet With Cola

6. How to Sanitize Your Toothbrush: If it’s going in your mouth every day, it better be clean! You can easily sanitize your toothbrushes in the dishwasher. Find the cleaning hack over at Make and Takes.

Toothbrush Cleaning Hack

7. How to Clean Your Ceiling Fans: This hack keeps the dust from flying everywhere when you clean your ceiling fan. Find the tutorial over at The House on Hillbrook.

Pillowcase Fan Hack

More Cleaning Hacks to Try:

8. Clean a Painting with a Bagel: Ever wondered how to clean and dust your precious paintings? Would you believe a bagel is the answer?! Find the tutorial over at The Brick House.

How to Dust a Painting

9. How to Clean Your Cutting Board: A little citrus and salt will get your wooden cutting board clean as new! Find the tutorial over at All Kinds of Yumm.

How to Clean a Cutting Board

10. Clean up Glitter with Play Dough: If you’ve ever crafted with glitter, you know it gets everywhere! The best way to get it all up? Play dough! Find the tutorial over at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Cleaning Glitter

11. How to Remove Scratches from Porcelain: Don’t throw out your porcelain because it’s scratched- you can repair the damage! Find the tutorial over at Outnumbered.

Cleaning Porcelain

12. An Easy Way to Clean Your Garbage Disposal: Toss one of these homemade tablets in your garbage disposal, and not only will it get clean, your kitchen will smell fresh too! Find the tutorial over at Design Meet Style.

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

13. How to Clean Your Window Tracks: Window tracks are so often overlooked when it’s cleaning time. Thankfully they’re easy to clean! Find the tutorial over at Ask Anna.

Clean Window Tracks

14. How to Really Clean Your Dryer Vent: Did you know that a clogged dryer vent could cause a fire? Make sure you’re cleaning yours regularly! Find the tutorial over at Frugally Blonde.


15. Make Your Copper Pot Bottoms Shine: It’s actually really easy to get those copper pot bottoms shining again. You’ll just need a little vinegar and salt! Find the tutorial over at What’s Up Fagans.

Cleaning Copper Pots

These cleaning hacks will have your home clean and sparkling in a flash- leaving you more time for the things you love!

15 DIY Cleaning Hacks

*Originally posted 2016

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