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DIY No-Sew Door Muff for Quiet Time

This is one of those DIY tutorials that you NEED if you have little ones in your home! Especially with everyone quarantining at home most days, it’s helpful to have a quiet door when your baby needs a nap. We’re sharing how to make this simple door muff to keep things soft and quiet in your home!

No-Sew Door Muff Tutorial

I’m in desperate need to keep my house quiet during nap time. So I came up with this version of a No-Sew Door Muff and it’s saving my life as my 2 children share a room. It’s a great situation for the most part, but my daughter has a horrible habit of slamming the bedroom door when my youngest is mid-nap. One of my readers suggested that I make a door muff. If you’re in a similar situation you’re probably thinking… Such a thing exists? How did I not know this?!

DIY No-Sew Door Muff

After a quick search on Pinterest, I found an easy sew version with ribbons. It’s cute, but maybe a bit too advance for non-sewists? I like to sew, but I also like to create items for the home that don’t require any sewing, love me a good no-sew project. So the wheels started turning. Inspired by the sewn muff tutorial and the fashionable La Pochette clutch, I made one with items I had on-hand in under 10 minutes. You can make yours lickety-split and without sewing, either! Read more for the tutorial.

How to: No-Sew Door Muff


  • leather
  • 16″ 1/2 inch elastic
  • hammer
  • hole punch
  • corner rounder
  • scissors
  • door-muff-template

Door Muff Supplies


I used 3 ounce veggie tan hide. You can purchase the same thing at Tandy Leather (if you have one close by, they sell scraps by the pound!). You could use pretty much any kind of leather here, but I love the look of the raw hide. I also used 1/2 inch elastic, but you could use heavy elastic cording instead. The corner rounder is by no means required, It just added a nice look to it. In the printable template listed in supplies, I’ve included rounded corners.

You’ll want to print out the template. It has straight and rounded corners. To get a nice rounded edge on the top of my leather, I cut it out upside down.

Punch your holes. I had to double punch the holes for mine, because of the wide elastic.

Thread elastic through the holes.

You can sew, staple or knot the elastic together. I used a zig-zag stitch, because it lays flat and looks clean.

The backside should look like this when done.

No-Sew Door Muff Tutorial

Loop it around both knobs and you’re done! I liked the leather because it sufficiently dampened the door, but I could still close it all the way. Now go and make!! Your little ones will love it… so will you!

Pin this DIY No-Sew Muff for later:

DIY No-Sew Door Muff

*Originally posted: 9/25/12


  1. My granddaughter thinks closing doors is great fun right now. She’ll go upstairs to her room/playroom and shut the door, but then can’t get back out! It’s a problem. I may have to figure out some sort of pull handle that hangs down for her to grip and be able to pull the door open with as well, but at least the door won’t be shut tight!!!

  2. Thanks for the instructions!
    I’ve seen this on Pinterest and saved it to try.
    Using leather is an EXCELLENT idea, as it will be sturdier and thicker.
    I recently bought a Tandy Leather bag of scraps :)

    I need this for my bathroom door in my apt. The doorknob gear thingy is broken so you can only keep the door closed by turning the lock. I’m becoming a foster parent and the idea of a child becoming locked or locking themselves in the bathroom makes me nervous.

  3. Thanks for the linky love. I would have never thought of using leather…good idea. I like the ribbons even though I have now seen the elastic ties used because #1 it is more girly and #2 because it allows me to really tighten the muff to get the door button to stay in the closed position.

    I absolutely love mine and think everyone with little one should have one.


  4. Wow, there’s an idea! I don’t even think my door lock thing even pushes in all the way when I turn the doorknob. Now is there something for the squeaky hinges that is people safe? ! Maybe I’ll try this with the next child!

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