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Sprinkled Rice Crispies

When I found this fun site, Use Real Butter, I was immediately hooked just from the words “real butter”! Then she did a post on Basic Rice Crispies, but with a fun colorful twist, Add Sprinkles. The Sprinkles make it look like a party’s going on inside the treat. I’m a big fan of sprinkles as a topping for my ice cream and donuts, so they’re a perfect match for my Crispy treats too.

Sprinkled Rice Cripsy Treats

Our treats never make it to the pan for cutting into squares. When I was little, it got plopped onto some wax paper, hot and yummy, then devoured in seconds. We even lick the stir spoon!

Here is another fun way to use Rice Crispies. Try this giant Rice Crispie’s Cake in place of a traditional one.

Or delicious Rice Crispy Cookies. These are the kind with no marshmallows, but lots of yummy chocolate frosting on top!


  1. Hey! I call those last bars Scotcharoos — or if I use Special K, then Special K bars. Sooo good. I might have to make some now!

  2. Rachel – Those are my favs too.

    Missy – I like the idea of zapping them in the micro. I’ll have to get with you and find out how you do it.

  3. We made rice crispie treats last week in the microwave. I think we’ll have to do it again soon with the sprinkles. My kids will get a kick out of that!

  4. Jennifer – Rice Crispies and chocolate are my two favs too. And peanut butter!

    Carolyn – Great Mars Bar site. Thanks.

    Karen C – On top is just as good! Still a party!

    Becky – Thanks, and your welcome! That’s nice to hear.

    Laurin – Sorry for the to-do list. These rice crispies are worth it.

    Vanessa – Glad I brought you back to the Rice Crispy goodness!

    Shannon – You’re too funny. These are to easy and no real baking involved, I’m sure you could master it. But having hubby make these is a good idea too!!

    Dana – Thanks and I’m glad you Just Spotted me :)

  5. oooooo….I just love your blog!! I found you on Just Spotted.

    You have too many yummy pictures here …I am about ready to go get a snack. I guess that is what I get for late night blogging.

    Fun blog!!

  6. Those cookies look so DELICIOUS! I’m going to print out the recipe so that my husband can make them with the kids! I just don’t love baking, so kill me! But, at least I have a husband who doesn’t mind it, right!

  7. Dang. Now I am going to have to abandon my to-do list and go get the ingredients for these. I’m going to also tell my twins the sprinkles were my idea so they’ll think I’m cool.

  8. oh my, i just made rice krispies for the 4th and i put sprinkles on the top, wish i would have thought to have put them in the rice krispies. great idea.

  9. Rice Crispy treats and chocolate frosting, 2 of my favorite things. Now why did not I think of putting the both together. Yum! I can not wait to try.

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