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30+ St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

We’re ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all sorts of fun crafts, recipes, and activities. From leprechauns and shamrocks to rainbows and gold. Come get creative with some very lucky St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids.

30+ St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

30 St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Crafts:

1. Rainbow Pipe Cleaners Pot of Gold: As that lucky Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow can be tricky to find, we decided to make our own. With just a few supplies, you’ll have a fun centerpiece filled with gold.

2. Rainbow Cupcake Toppers: Time to make little rainbows with clouds for a fun cupcake topper for St. Patrick’s Day!

3. Mixing Rainbow Pudding: You can eat it out of this glass, or spoon your rainbow into individual bowls. It’s fun to see the rainbow get all mixed up.

4. Making Rainbow Milk: We’re making more rainbows today. This is a great activity to do with the kids, helping them to see that when colors are mixed, they make something new.

5. Rainbow Window Clings: These fun and colorful window clings are a great project for St. Patrick’s Day. Make plenty of bright designs to display on windows, mirrors and even picture frames!

6. Rainbow M&M Cookies: These simple rainbow cookies are colorful and bright. Who wouldn’t want their day cheered up with a plate full of these?!

7. Rainbow Ribbon Rings: We celebrated the book What Makes a Rainbow by making our own Rainbow Ribbon Rings. We used shower curtain rings and scraps of ribbon, representing all colors of the rainbow.

8. Rainbow Painted Pots: We’re feeling lucky as we craft these rainbow painted pots for St. Patrick’s Day. They are sure to be filled with gold at the end of this rainbow!

9. Rainbow Friendship Bracelets: We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by making Rainbow Friendship Bracelets. These are easy to make and fun to give out to friends on this Spring holiday!

10. Raining Rainbows: To celebrate not only that green tinted holiday but also the coming of spring, we are going to make some rainbow raindrops to hang on the wall!

11. Painting Paper Plate Rainbows: We are having fun with paints, creating a few swirly rainbows. We’re using paper plates and coffee filters to capture the pretty colors.

12. Mini Rainbows with Q-Tips: We created these rainbow cards to celebrate spring and St. Patrick’s Day which is just around the corner.

13. Rainbow in a Can: What is more cheery than a rainbow? I don’t think much. So how about making someone’s day by giving them a rainbow in a can! It’s sure to be a smile on a cloudy day.

14. Pot of Gold Party Favors: These mini pots of gold are the perfect little place setting for a St. Patrick’s Day party. You can make these with large pots for a centerpiece or craft them into this miniature version.

15. Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas: There are so many great ideas for decorating the party, games to play, and treats to eat. Keep reading to see all the fun we had with rainbows.

16. Rainbow Threaded Embroidery Hoop: My kids go gaga for all things rainbow, anything that will lead them to a leprechaun. So here’s a fun rainbow wheel of awesome as we threaded an embroidery hoop to hang!

Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Crafts:

17. St. Patrick’s Sweet Chex: This recipe for Sweet Chex Mix from This Week for Dinner is one of my all time favorite snacks. It’s almost too easy to make and can feed a large crowd, perfect for a party. I’ve added a little something extra to the mix for St. Patrick’s day, green m&ms.

18. Shamrock Rice Krispie Pops: These shamrock rice krispie pops from Hungry Happenings are hilariously adorable (and probably pretty tasty too).

19. Shamrock Rainbow Garland: Now is a good time to add a little color to your home with this simple shamrock garland.

20. Fuzzy Shamrock Craft: Here’s a craft for kids that creates a furry shamrock. Kids will enjoy making a little decorative picture, a greeting card for Grandma or maybe even the cover of a notebook, with these fun fuzzy shamrocks.

21. Shamrock Paper Tube Stamping: Cut a small paper tube piece in half, dip it in green paint, and stamp it on the paper under the shamrock to make the stem.

22. Quick Clover Card: Create this fun 3-leaf clover card with dried and pressed clovers, perfect to pick for a St. Patrick’s Day.

23. Fresh Green Herb Dip: Start off dinnertime with this healthy, easy and very simple St. Patrick’s Day Fresh Herb Dip. It’s a great way to get the kids to try fresh herbs such as basil and dill and to eat fresh vegetables.

Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts:

24. St. Patrick’s Day Family Traditions: Here are 3 fun family time ideas to share on St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate the holiday with a little family fun!

25. St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages: We’ve got some fun free coloring pages for you to download and print out today, just in time to find the leprechaun’s gold. The kids will love to find all the 4-leaf clovers in this sneaky coloring page.

26. Leprechaun Hunt for Gold: Those sneaky little leprechauns have hidden our gold and we’re on a hunt to find it! We made this simple black fabric sack full of “gold” and are looking for where it went. We’re hoping to find it before St. Patrick’s Day!

27. Leprechaun Yarn Beards: I’m loving this craft from French Knots for a Leprechaun Beard. It’s my kind of craft, 2 supplies and super easy! You’re kids are gonna love dressing up like a Leprechaun.

28. Lucky Leprechaun Feet: This time of year there are always sneaky little leprechauns looking for gold. So we made these Green Footprint Clue Cards to help lead them on a hunt!

29. Little Leprechaun Ears: These fun paper ears transform your little ones into Little Leprechauns. Although, I told my son he is only allowed to be as mischievous as a leprechaun when he wears these ears!

30. Everything’s Turning Green: Everything is turning green so we won’t get pinched!! Our food, our drinks, even our clothes.

31. Green Snack for Kids: put together a fun green filled after-school snack kids will love.

Have fun with your St. Patrick’s Day Crafts!

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