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St. Patrick’s Day Paper Tube Stamping

I bet you can guess what we’re stamping for St. Patrick’s Day! Yep, rainbows and shamrocks. With rainbow colors and recycled paper tubes, it’s a colorful day for this lucky holiday and paper tube stamping.

St. Patricks Day Paper Tube Stamping makeandtakes.com

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Tube Stamping

We’ve got our paper tube stamp supplies out once again and we’re ready to go. We’ve stamped hearts, snowmen, and trees. Now we’ve got some fun rainbows and shamrocks to have some fun with.

Rainbow and Shamrock Paper Tube Stamps

Kids will love to get out the DIY supplies for this simple crafty project! Have fun as you paint and stamp your way across the rainbow. Let’s get stamping!


  • paint in rainbow colors
  • paper towel tube
  • scissors
  • paper
  • paper plate

Paper Tube Rainbow Stamping Supplies

To Make Shamrocks:

1. Pour your green paint onto your paper plate.

2. Cut a 2 inch section off your paper tube. Form it into a heart shape.

Paper Tube Shamrock Stamping supplies

3. Dip one side into the green paint and stamp it onto your paper.

4. Make 3 or 4 more for a 3 leaf clover or a 4 leaf clover.

5. Cut a small paper tube piece in half, dip it in green paint, and stamp it on the paper under the shamrock to make the stem.

Shamrock Paper Tube Stamping makeandtakes.com

To Make Rainbows:

1. Cut your paper tubes in small sections about 1-2 inches in width. Cut them again in half to make them into semi-circles. You can cut them to lay on top of each other or make them all the same size. Depends on what you’d like your rainbow to look like.

Cutting Paper Tubes and Stamping

2. Pour the rainbow paint colors onto a paper plate.

3. Take your cut paper tubes and dip each one into a different color.

4. Stamp them in a rainbow order onto your paper.

Making Rainbow Paper Tube Stamps

Rainbow Paper Tube Paint Stamping

With a little luck, hopefully you’ll find a little gold at the end of your paint stamped rainbow!

Shamrocks and Rainbow Paper Tube Stamping makeandtakes.com

*Originally posted 3/8/13


  1. Simple and easy yet very interactive. I would love to try this with my Sunday school students. Oh how they love to play with colors and create art…This would save me the time of thinking for their activity this week… Thanks :)

  2. How do you come up with this stuff?!?!? I love it. You are a creative genius. Seriously, it really is an art-form; these amazing kid friendly and fun projects you come up with. I think we will try this one. Are you guys using puff paint?

    We have water colors, a few shades of puff paint and some fingerpainting ‘paints’ Holden got for his birthday — would any of those work (I guess the watercolors would be hard).

    Also what I need form you is a “Mom’s Basic Craft Kit” … like what supplies does a normal ‘crafter’ have on hand for a 4 year old so I can venture into this Brave New World? (We just barely got pom-poms in this house a month ago.)

  3. People never cease to amaze me. I love how you are totally thinking outside of the box with the paper towel role. I’m going to go show my grand kids this. They love to doodle, draw, paint, anything artsy basically. I like the green flower that was made too. Very neat post.

    Thank you,

    p.s. I will bookmark this site to keep up to date with more neat tricks like this one.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! My kids had a blast with it and even put a few of their own rainbow spins on it. I’m sure your son will do the same. Have fun!

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