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Stamped LEGO Valentines Cards for Kids

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and there’s nothing better than homemade cards for friends and loved ones. Have you seen our puzzle pieces Valentine’s Day cards, pop-out Valentine’s Day cards, or our bouquet of hearts Valentine’s Day cards? You will also love our stamped LEGO Valentines cards that we are sharing below.

lego shaped like a heart and stamped on card stock with paint to make Valentine's Day cards

Stamped LEGO Valentines cards

These stamped LEGO Valentine’s Day cards will be loved by kids and adults of all ages.


  • Card stock
  • Assorted LEGO pieces (see image below)
  • Paint – we used 3 colors
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Scissors

gather lego pieces, card stock, paint, and string to make lego valentines cards


Construct your LEGO heart so you know how wide to cut your gift tags.

lego heart for stamping on cards using paint

As you can see from the above image, you have a single LEGO piece left over. You will need this to form the bottom of your heart.

Cut your card stock using the heart size as a guide. I turned the heart upside down and cut the cards into the width of the pink LEGO baseplate.

Hole punch the top of your card, so then you will know to stamp underneath that.

gift tags cut out of card stock

Put paint on your LEGO heart and press it onto each card. I swirled the paint a little on a paper plate so that I had a variety of pink and red on each card.

lego stamped heart on a card using paint

Once you have stamped the heart on your card, dip the single LEGO piece into the paint and add a dot at the bottom of your heart to give it more shape.

Set your cards aside to dry. Once they are completely dry, tie string or ribbon through the hole.

Valentine's Day cards made using LEGO pieces dipped in paint to make a LEGO heart

I made cards that open up so you can write a message inside, but to save on card stock, you can cut this into two pieces and write on the back of each heart instead.

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