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Celebrate with Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

My son turned 6 last week and we celebrated with a Star Wars party.  He eats, sleeps, and plays Star Wars, so it was no surprise he chose this as the party theme. I’m sharing details for Star Wars birthday party ideas, what games we played and the food we ate, as well as ideas for crafts. So many great ways to celebrate your child with Star Wars!

Celebrate with Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas


My son and I came up with the words for the invitation, he knows the Star Wars lines better than me. We printed and folded them into cards, adding a couple of stickers to the front, and delivered them to friends.

Invited You Are… on a Galactic adventure… with (Child name) On Saturday, January 17th, You’ll take part in your Jedi Training. Your mission will be to rescue and protect Princess Leia, as she has been taken prisoner by Darth Vader.After Galactic Pizza and Yoda Sodas, we’ll be fighting to destroy Darth Vader & the Death Star, using your Jedi force powers.Please bring your Jedi lightsaber to aid you in your mission. Then after sufficient training, you will be awarded with your official Jedi Robe. May the force be with you!

Official Jedi Robe

Each child was awarded a Jedi robe when they entered the rebel ship (house). I made 7 of these, yes 7! You could make these using a robe pattern, but I found an easy to follow Jedi Robe guide to use when cutting and sewing, and it worked great. That website has measurements for adults, so for kids: each robe use 2 yards of brown cotton fabric. I had my kids lay down on the folded fabric and cut their outline, like the instructions say, then added a hood.


  • Galactic pizza – just plain ol’ pizza, but given a super cool Jedi name!
  • Yoda Sodas – I found this idea listed on lots of different party idea sites (some listed below). You mix Lime Sherbet with Sprite. It was a big hit!


  • Pin the Lightsaber on a Jedi – I found this $5 poster and taped it to the wall. Then I made these little mini paper lightsabers for each child. They pick the color and then match it to who it might go to, while wearing a Clone Wars Storm Trooper mask (found at a party store).

  • Destroy the Death Star – I bought a soccer ball pinata and painted the white squares gray. Then once it was dry, filled it with candy. Then on party day, the kids hit it with their lightsabers. (Even though the lightsabers were fun to hit with, they’re not hard enough to open the pinata. So after a try or two with the lightsabers, use something harder).

  • Fighting Darth Vader – Darth Vader made an appearance, but the young Jedi’s prevailed.

Party Bags

I sent the kids on a treasure hunt to find their gift bags… a Jedi Mission! Included in the bags were glow necklaces, Star Wars stickers, Clone Wars paper masks (from the party store), and some licorice (looks like a red lightsabers!)

Or make these fun handmade party favors:

Lightsaber Cake

Cupcakes are just too easy, so I lined them all up like a lightsaber.

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas Light Saber Cupcakes

Party-Time Filler

Watch a 20 minute episode of Star Wars Rebels or a Clone Wars cartoons while you wait for everyone to come or as parents come to pick them their galactic heroes!

More Star Wars birthday party ideas:

13 “May the 4th Be With You” Star Wars Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Lightsabers

Star Wars Felt Finger Puppets

Hopefully some of these will help for your next Star Wars birthday party ideas!


  1. Thanks for these awesome Ideas!!! I literally used them all for my 8 year old son’s birthday party! He is totally obsessed with Star Wars and he LOVED all these nifty activities! You sound like a great mom! Thanks for making my son’s birthday party a happier and Starwars-ier place!!!! :-)

  2. What a wonderful idea, I am a fan on Star Wars and can’t wait for my grandson to be old enough to watch the movies with me, (I ignored this part of my daughter’s education, she didn’t even know who Chewie was) these are wonderful party ideas, and will suggest them to my daughter if my grandson likes Star Wars.

  3. Thanks so much for these fantastic ideas. We threw our 7y.o. Jedi a bday party last wknd using many of your ideas. The Yoda Soda was delicious, easy and a huge hit with kids and grow ups (and even tastes good with warm soda in case you forget to chill yours ahead of time!), as was the Death Star piñata. (Tip for New Englanders: find soccer ball piñatas at iParty for $13 and gray acrylic paint at JoAnn Fabrics for $0.59). We also played Save Princess Leia by inserting small rolled up pictures of Star Wars Characters in all the balloons-only one was Leia-and had the kids try to pop them. It was fun for the kids but we should have had more balloons than kids so they could keep popping for a while. Also, the tip to have the soundtrack as background music really does add a lot of ambience. Thank you very much for these excellent ideas and links!!

  4. The star wars ideas were great ideas. My son Eat, sleep, and breathe star wars. LOL! I really found your ideas very useful and it actually got my creative juices flowing. Your ideas will make more children happy Jedi’s on their birthday. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pinning lots of your stuff for my son’s 4th bday, gonna be great. Thanks so much!!!!!

  6. I do not even understand how I finished up here, but I thought this publish used to be great. I do not recognize who you might be but definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger when you are not already. Cheers!

  7. thank you so much for sharing your son’s party details. I am about to organise a starwars themed birthday party for my 5year old son, your page is very helpful and much appreciated !

  8. Hello my name is Audrianna miller,and I love star wars and now I can pass down the
    love of star wars to my cusion Cadence at her birthday party!Thank you THINK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

  9. These ideas are awesome! Well-done! I just want to say to everyone that GIRLS like Star Wars, too, and this awesome party ideas would be just as great for a girl!

  10. Love this site!!! Got great ideas for my son’s5th birthday. Marie, what kind of paint did you use on the pinata? Wasn’t sure if the smell of the paint would affect the candy inside?

    1. That’s a good question. But I don’t think it should matter if you’re using a non-toxic paint. Almost all acrylic paints are non-toxic. It should say on the bottle.

  11. When my daughter asked to make her 6th bday a Star Wars theme, I was speechless! But she Loves Star Wars. My 2 older boys 17 & 14 are so excited she’s brave enough to share her love for Darth Vader, Jedies, Clones, Storm Troopers & Yoda. Your website will help me show all the little girls how cool it is to like Princess Leia! I’m actually pretty excited about this now, thanks again,

  12. I loved this! I’m planning a surprise Star Wars bday party for my boyfriend and will definitely use a couple of these ideas :)

  13. So… I am definitely borrowing your ideas and throwing a star wars themed date with my boyfriend who has always been and will always be a star wars fanatic! This is going to be so much fun! I know nothing about star wars so I am having to do my research, you have made my life much easier!! Thanks!

  14. these are fantasic ideas all of you thankyou my daughter requested a starwars party this year shes 8 shes been watching lone wars lol her dad is soo proud im not to impressed but ooh well will hav fun making it all tho lol xox

  15. hi, I was just wondering how you made the hoods – did you cut out of the 12 x 12 like the guide you used or did you use a smaller measurement (if you even remember!) Thanks so much for all the great ideas!!

  16. my son had a star wars birthday party last year. so fun. another idea for lightsabers is to get wet noodles for the pool from the dollar store and cut them to the length you’d want for the lightsabers and then attach duct tape for the handle. we didn’t do that because they had inexpensive blow up lightsabers at our local party store but it looked like a clever idea.

  17. I WISH that one of my kids b-days was coming up so we could do all of these fun things! I’ll just have to save it for next year-these ideas are so great!

  18. Great ideas! my 6 year old’s birthday is coming up and he wants a Star Wars theme. I’m curious about the treasure hunt – how did you do it? Were all the gift bags at the end of the hunt? did you give them written clues or photos? how many did you do? I love this idea and want to do it! :)

  19. Hi,me & my mum are looking for some party idears for my brothers 6th birthday party,when i came back from school,i was blown back by this awsome web page!its GREAT,and im sure he’ll love it because he’s sutch a big star wars fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. this an awsome website!!!!

  20. Hi there, I want to use the same poster you did for the ‘pin the lightsaver’ game but can’t find it. Where did you get your’s from?

    1. I bought that poster at Walmart, just where they sell their posters, near office/party supplies. But it’s been a few years, this exact poster might not be available anymore. Good luck.

  21. Wow, this looks like such a great Star Wars birthday party! I especially like the cupcakes that are all decorated and arranged in the shape of a Star Wars lightsaber. Amazing work, Marie!

  22. My daughter is a HUGE Star Wars fan too! I had planned to do a Death Star Pinata, so I’m glad to see that that was a good idea! I did pin the ears on Yoda as he is her favorite. I’m definately using the Yoda Sodas! Thanks for your help!

  23. It’s my partners 30th in November and this has given me some brillian ideas for the surprise star wars themed party I’m planning for him! (yeah, he’s a big kid! Like most men lol)

    Thanks for the FAB ideas =)

    Vicki x

  24. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. We copied most of your star wars party today for my son’s 6 year old birthday party and had so much fun! Thank you for your creativity and great ideas!

  25. My son is four and his party is this week. We’re doing a Jedi Training Camp for his. I made cupcakes and used the Star Wars cupcake paper set from Williams Sonoma. Each one had a fondant Yoda on it. He had a seperate round cake that was fondant covered and his star wars figures on top with his candle to blow out for adults to eat. I also used the star wars cookie cutters from W&S as well to make sugar cookies and put them into individual bags and tied them up for treats as well. I just used juice pouches for the kids and have pitchers of lemonade/tea and bottled water for the adults that were there.
    When the kids arrived in Star Wars costumes they got a “Jedi in Training” badge with their name on it and were directed to the Jedi council testing area. There they had a craft to assemble C3PO from shiny gold craft foam onto black to make a doorknob sign. After everyone arrived we started a series of tasks that they had to complete to become a Jedi.
    Task 1: I used foil and bought small star wars and other similar items and put 1 in each ball of foil and hid them around the yard. To be a Jedi they have to be good at finding things. This was an asteroid hunt and each child could find up to 4 each.
    Task 2: They have to use the force so we played “Put the saber on the Jedi” (pin the tail on donkey with star wars twist).
    Task 3: Use their light saber (we made ours from cut down pool noodles with duct tape handle) and they had to keep a balloon in the air using only their light saber.
    Task 4: Storm Trooper battle (I cut milk gallon jugs top off and put storm trooper cut out on each. They used bean bags to try and get into the jugs)
    Task 5: Defeat Darth Vader (Death star pinata and I put individual but equal bags of pinata goodies inside so everyone got one when it broke to avoid tears or upset due to age group).
    Task 6: Jedi celebration (cake and icecream of course!)
    After the cake they were given a can of silly string each to have a “blaster war” with in the back yard and to run the sugar off a bit.
    For their goodie bags I found at a dollar store bubble wands (light sabers), Star Wars kites. I also made Yoda puppets from green felt for each goodie bag. I used plain lunch bags and lined them with colorful tissue paper.
    Lots of fun and was easy to do!

  26. My twin boys just celebrated their sixth birthday with a Star Wars party too, although their party surely wasn’t as neat as yours! Love the costumes. My boys would have loved that. The cupcakes were very creative too. I made a 13x9x2-in. cake and bought a Star Wars vehicle and action figures to put on top of the cake. It was really fast, easy, and my boys loved it.

  27. We just had a birthday party for my son over the weekend. I used a lot of your ideas and ideas from other sites and he and his friends had a blast. We had a simple ceremony and awarded them with the jedi robe when they passed all their trials. It was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. You are a life saver. Don’t even want to imagine being stuck with 8 boys in the house and had no idea how to keep them busy. The 2 hours went by too fast.

  28. Thank you so much for all the information. We just had our son’s 6th bday party on December 30th…and we used so many ideas from your site and other sites that were mentioned in the comments section. My son and many of his friends commented that this was the best birthday party EVER. He even said he wants the same party next year. :) We had such an awesome time. Thanks again for your blog.

  29. This is AWESOME!! I am so glad i found your article. My son is turning 6 this January and is OBSESSED with Star Wars (can’t blame him, i’m a huge fan myself since 1977). I love the games and the Death Star pinata is brilliant. Thanks also for the idea about jedi robes. I make all the kids’ Halloween costumes anyway so it shouldn’t be hard to make 5 or 6 simple robes. Thanks so much for your creative ideas!!

  30. Marie, this is hilarious! Genius. I’m tucking it away for Quinn, who is just starting the obsession. Today he asked me again about “Dark Vader”.

  31. Thank you so much – your idea sharing is going to help me make my son’s birthday party wonderful!

  32. I am having a star wars party for my son htin year. I love the idea of the yoda soda!! looks great. I am renting the Darth Vader costume and a friend of mine is going to be him for the party. I am going to have the boys battle darth with their light sabers. Can’t wait, so exciting!!

  33. I saw mention of the 501st Legion (www.501st.com) above, though typically their rule is to not support private events except under special circumstances (of course every garrison and every situation is different). It is always worth a request, but please be prepared for them to decline up front.

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!!! You are saving my neck. My son wants a Star Wars themed birthday party in 2 weeks, and I am not very creative. You have just given me most of the ideas for the party. I did have the idea to buy a Darth Vader pinata and have the boys “battle” Darth Vader with their light sabers, but I cannot find ANY Darth Vader (or any Star Wars characters for that matter) pinatas in the stores by me. So now I have another option from reading this. Also, I am not a great cake decorator, but the light saber cupcakes look like something that even I can handle. Thanks for the great ideas!

  35. ok so here we go- we are celebrating my sons bday the end of May- we are going to try to do this amazing birthday idea!!!! Yes jedi robes and all!!!! Where did you find your poster for the game? We can’t wait – were so excited!!!

  36. These ideas are so fun. Thanks for sharing! I love the pinata, I never would have guessed it was a soccer ball. I am so going to look for one. Also love the yoda sodas. My son’s party is on Friday and this will be a big hit! Thanks again.

  37. LOVE all these great ideas! My son is turning 6 in a few weeks and at first I wasn’t sure I could pull off a fun Star Wars party (I’m really not into it as much as my kids and husband so I’m a bit clueless on a lot of it!) But there are so many great ideas here it will actually be hard to choose. Thanks!

  38. This is BRILLIANT! My son is obsessed with everything Star Wars and of course wanted a star wars party for his 7th birthday. He is going to be so excited! Thank you for sharing!

  39. You are a life saver! This is just what I needed to make a certain little boy very happy. Thank you.

  40. I LOVE YOUR STAR WARS BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS! And I’m using nearly every single one!! Thank you so much for sharing and making my life easier!

  41. My son attended a Star Wars party about three years ago. The birthday boy’s mom had made lightsabers out of foam swim noodle floats. She cut the noodle into thirds and then wrapped silver(gray) duct tape around one end to represent the handle. They were a hit. You could even wrap glow necklaces around them to make them “glow”. She gave them out to the kids at party favors and my son played with it for months until the foam just wore out! He still remembers them to this day.

  42. Thanksyou soooooo much for this my son is 5 in April and he said he wanted a star wars party ??? well I was wondering what to do with that he has a clone trooper outfit and thats about it. Thanks for the ideas it looked like your son had a great day!

  43. Thank you for the wondeful ideas. I’m certainly going to use most of them. I have one week to get things ready. Thanks to you, I feel that it will be a success.

  44. Thank You! Thank You! Our son is turning 4 in March, loves Star Wars and so we are doing a Star Wars themed party. This gave me so many great ideas!! Thank you!!

  45. Thanks for the great ideas. I was trying to figure out how to make a death star without doing all the paper mache.

  46. Amazing party! My 7 year old daughter is Princess Leia for Halloween this year, and her birthday one week later is going to be…you guessed it Star Wars! All of these ideas are perfect for her party….especially the invite. Perfect for even a girl party! I put her name on the invite then added a.k.a. Princess Leia, so the part in the invite about the mission to rescue Princess Leia is perfect! Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas…what a life saver for me. I have three girls and am so happy that one of them is into Star Wars. My brother loved Star Wars so there is a special place in my heart from those childhood memories.

  47. I love your great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Here’s one more: My 6 year old had a Star Wars Party this summer. Instead of a goodie bag, I gave each guest a “light sabre” to take home. I used a Nerds Rope candy, wrapped in colored celophane. I made a handle out of white duct tape to be sure that the kids would not be able to get into the candy until Mom/Dad cut it open. I wrote names on the handle with a Sharpie pen.

  48. Thank you so much for these really cool ideas. My son’s birthday is in January and he has already told all of his friends that he is having a Star Wars party.

  49. LOVED THIS!!! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas. I used your invitation but changed it up a bit to reflect the “Clone Wars” script. Your site is awesome, and I’m sure I’ll be back… always looking for cool “Family Night” themes/ideas. Just added your button to my blog!! ;-)

  50. Thanks for the great information! We are planning our son’s 4th birthday party, and your post gave us some GREAT ideas! Thanks!

  51. Thanks so much for sharing. I am about to host a birthday for my 6 year old son and this was very helpful.

  52. I am so glad that I came across your blog! We were intending on doing a pokemon party, when my son changed his mind this weekend! I have to figure out what to do and have everything ready by the 21st! I am a planner and I usually have it all done by now, but I recently went back to work and am WAY behind! Thank you for all the tips!

  53. Valerie – You are correct! I too was a big fan of Star Wars as a child. My daughter also loves it and had a great time at the party, with her purple light saber in hand!!

  54. What great ideas you had!! My son can’t wait to have a Clone Wars party in April. We’ve been searching the web for some ideas. You definitely have given us some ideas to work with. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  55. Remember, this doesn’t have to be just for boys birthdays! I would have killed for something like this as a kid ;)

  56. oh, what fantastic ideas!!! i love the light saber cup cakes. my son would love that!

    and thanks so much for linking to my blog. i appreciate it!

  57. I can’t believe I came upon your site. I have an almost 5 year old who had a star wars party last year and wants another one. Since we still live in the same neighborhood and the same kids will be coming, I wanted to come up with something different. With 7 kids I hardly have time to think, let alone research, so happening upon this site was a definite miracle. Thanks so much for sharing.

  58. Boy, I can remeber the days when my parents were throwing ME Star Wars themed birthday parties, but they weren’t nearly as creative as yours. I hope that someday I get to try out some of your ideas for my own kids.

  59. Thanks for all the great comments. I’m glad this post will come in handy for birthday boys all around.

    I love the idea shared by Summer to use your lightsaber to keep balloons from hitting the ground. I’m sure the kids would love that.

    DeeDee – One of the Moms just told me that her son has been sleeping in his Jedi robe this whole week!!! I love it, so yes, they liked them. Just you wait until your little guy gets into it, it’s fun how they get excited about what you liked as a kid.

  60. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am keeping this idea in mind for my son’s next birthday (He’ll be six, too!) I’m sure it’ll be a big hit with all his friends! Thanks for so many great ideas!

  61. The Death Star pianata is brilliant. Long, long ago with my son we also would play musical chairs to John Williams Star Wars music. But the kids favorite part was when I hid different colored glow sticks from the dollar store in our dark, enclosed garage and then let the Jedis find their own light saber to keep. Also, I have a strobe light and each child would get to reenact the Luke vs. Darth Vader scene one by one in our garage…awesome it was!

  62. Nice work, some fun ideas! I especially like the lightsaber cake and yoda soda!
    We had a Starwars party for my five year old last July. They each got inflatable light sabers and tried to keep the balloons from touching the ground.
    Then they had an obstacle course to work their way through. Cutting through crey paper, running around a tree and eventually waterballooning Darth Vader (my husband) to his death!

    I wanted to do the jedi robes but am not quite talented enough for that.

    Loved to see your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  63. And if you’re willing to make a fair charitable contribution to something like Make-A-Wish, you can probably get real Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion (www.501st.com)!

  64. This is such a fantastic idea. With two boys of my own these ideas will certainly come in to good use for their birthdays. Those Yoda Sodas had me salivating … must be the lime sherbet! Thanks.

    1. Love your party ideas. I am doing a darth vader pin the lightsaber, and i was wondering if you had any ideas about how to make the lightsabers. This is the first party in a few years i am doing at home, so i want it to be fun.

  65. my 6yo son would have been in HEAVEN had he been to your son’s 6th birthday party!!!!!!!! (i did star wars plates at a gymnastics place. im the worst! ;))

  66. LOVE IT! I just did a Snow White party at my house…but one day I might need this! ;)

    And I agree—it’s all in the title: Galactic Pizza is the best!

  67. We just had a star wars party at our house a couple weeks ago. My son was turning 4, so we used the slogan “May the FOURce be with you”. He and my husband are big star wars fans so it was really fun for them to plan/put on. These are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I keep on telling myself we’ll probably end up doing this again in a year or two for sure (especially since I have another son)

    Here’s a link to our blog post about the party: http://fowlerfam.blogspot.com/2009/01/may-fource-be-with-you.html

  68. This is just in time…my sons Star Wars party is next week!!! Thanks! I needed new ideas since last year his party theme was Star Wars also! =)

  69. Wow, all of your ideas are so fantastic!! My youngest just loves Star Wars and his birthday was last week. We have not even scheduled a party yet, because we didn’t know what to do and I really did not want to spend sooo much money going to a party place. Thank you for such wonderful ideas….I love the light saber cupcakes!!

  70. Great ideas! Maybe when my oldest turn 6 we can do this. At the end of the month he is going to turn 5 and I’m not quite sure what to do yet. Maybe a super hero birthday since he’s not quite into Star Wars.


  71. Marie,
    You are my new hero! We had a star wars party last year and am sure again this year. Josh sleeps, eats, plays, Star Wars. As a matter of fact, Yoda is his invisible friend who he talks to ALL DAY LONG! Love what you did! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  72. You really must be the coolest mom on the block!! My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and if we ever have a boy I’ll keep these ideas in mind!! Thanks!

  73. You are amazing! I love your website and refer to it a lot. This is the best post ever. I have a Star Wars party to do in May for my son turning 6 and this is PERFECT. He will love this!!! THANK YOU….THANK YOU….THANK YOU so much for posting this. I bet your son had the time of his life. You are such a great mom!

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