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Stitch Up a Bridal Shower Pillowcase

I’m excited to share yet another fabulous site contributing regularly to Make and Takes, Little Birdie Secrets. Three crafty ladies make up the Little Birdies, a blog who’s projects are bookmarked as “must do” in my inbox. These ladies will be sharing something crafty for the home the second Tuesday of every month.

Summer is finally here and with it… bridal shower season. Soon those lovely invitations will be making their way to the mailboxes of women (and sometimes men) everywhere. I know buying something from the happy couple’s registry is the easiest and most practical way to go, but there are some of us who love giving something handmade and personal too. With a few supplies, you can create a unique handmade gift that the bride is sure to love, or at least have a good laugh at, this Bridal Shower Pillowcase!


These fun and sassy pillowcases are easy to make and you can personalize them any way you want. Just pick up a pillowcase at your favorite store and get creative. If you have access to iron on heat transfer material, you can cut your own. Or you can purchase lettering at your local craft store. If heat transfer is not your thing then try embroidering or using fabric markers. If you use markers we recommend Tee Juice Markers. These markers never seem to run out of ink and we love how smooth they write on fabric.

We made some pillows that say “In the Mood” on one side and “Not In the Mood” on the other in heat transfer material. For those that want to be a little more discreet we made another pillow that just had a simple “Yes” and “No” embroidered on it.

These message pillows can be flipped either way depending on your mood. Have fun stitching these up for the happy couple!

Little Birdie Secrets was born from the crafting obsession of three friends living in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to share the wealth of fun projects and helpful tips we find in books, on the Internet, and sometimes in our own imaginations.


  1. I totally gave this at a lingerie shower about a year ago..and it is a total hit, and a perfect more subtle gift for a fun shower like that, for one who blushes easily, like me.

  2. Can you imagine what a great ‘anniversary’ present this would make!? We’re going on number 15 soo ahem… would be hilarious!

  3. Cute and unique idea! I love Marie’s idea too: “Dream On”. And instead of “yes” you could write “Come and Get Me!” lol

  4. Love these! I think I’ll make two pillowcases, one for the husband to say “In the Mood” on both sides and on the wife’s say, “In the Mood” on one side and “Dream On” for the other!!

  5. I think the other side should say “I have a headache!” Haha! These are really cute! My sister received a set her girlfriend made with fabric markers. One said Mr. Hoying on the edge, the other Mrs. Hoying. They were one of her favorite gifts! I am going to pass this idea on to her…SO CUTE! I think I’d modify mine to “In the mood” and “I have a headache,” though! ;)

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