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Summer Fruit Salad

Actually, it can be made all year, not just for summer. It’s easy, fresh, and delicious. Oh, and healthy too, but who is caring about that! I make it for every get together and it’s a great side dish for anything.


It is best when the fruit is in season and I tend to like it better with fresh strawberries. But I have made this with any fruit at the store. This time I used strawberries, grapes, and bananas. You could add peaches, apples, mangos. I really only like to put in 3-4 different kinds of fruits, if there are more, it changes the look and flavor.


Then this is the tricky part, get out your pen to write all this down. Get 1-2 yogurt cups and pour them in. Really that’s it. I like to use strawberry flavored yogurt, Yoplait’s fat free brand is great. Then mix it all together. Sometimes I put more yogurt to make it creamier and sometimes I like to just use enough that it covers the fruit.

fruit-cut.jpg yogurt-poured.jpg

If you are like me and you cannot think of dirtying one more dish, I make and mix the fruit salad in the bowl I am going to serve it in. But it tends to get the sides all messy when mixed and it ruins the presentation. And it’s all about the presentation. So, try this trick I learned. After you are done mixing and ready to serve, take a wet paper towel and wipe the sides down. I wipe just until I hit the fruit and then give it a little mix to fluff it up. Looks good enough to serve!


Have fun eating yummy food this summer and make it easy on yourself with this yogurt fruit salad.


  1. My family and I love yogurt salad. For an added crunch we had chopped pecans and mix in right before serving. Almonds and walnuts taste good too, but our favorite is pecans.

  2. Ok…that is MY KIND OF DISH!!! I love fruit!! I also get very excited about recipes where there are just a handful of things to put together and NO stiring for days, waiting on a boil, slicing 10 things, etc. The only drawback is fruit is very expensive right now but to make a special treat it is GREAT. Pretty new to your blog and love it

  3. Hey there-

    that in one of my favorite fruit salads as well… except yours looks so much better. Hey, I fly in to SLC Wed. morning. I will be at my sisters for a week (she lives across from your parents) and hope we can run into each other. I would love to get together and chit chat and let the kids play. Let’s be in touch.

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