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21 STEAM Projects for Learning All Summer Long

It’s almost summer time, which means there will be a lot of free time for your kiddos. In between all the vacations and pool parties, try one of these STEAM projects. They’re filled with everything science and technology. These activities will keep your kids minds alive and learning all summer long.

Science and Technology interpreted through
Engineering and Arts and all have Mathematical elements

21 STEAM Projects to Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

21 Summer STEAM Projects

1. Overnight Crystal Garden: Explore the science world by making an overnight crystal garden. The results are super cool! (via Babble Dabble Do)

Overnight Crystal Garden

2. Building with Jelly Beans: Kids love building with different materials. Try this Jelly Bean activity for some STEAM learning. (via Engineering for Kids)

Building with Jelly Beans

3. Cloud in a Jar: This is a great STEAM activity for kids ages 3 and up. Make your own cloud in a jar! (via Parents.com)

Cloud in a Jar

4. Rainbow Baking Soda and Vinegar Science: This is a hands on learning experience that your kids are going to love. Plus it’s colorful and super fun. (via Make and Takes)

Rainbow Baking Soda and Vinegar Science

5. Build a Straw Roller Coaster: The materials you need for this activity are simple and inexpensive. This will be a hit with your kids. (via Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls)

Build a Straw Roller Coaster

6. Shadow Art Outdoor Science: Teach your kids about light and shadows with this outdoor shadow art. (via Rhythms of Play)

Shadow Art Outdoor Science

7. Paper Plate Marble Maze: This is a pinball-like marble game that will keep yours learning and entertained. (via Buggy and Buddy)

Paper Plate Marble Maze

8. Color Mixing Tops: There is a little bit of science and a little bit of art in this STEAM project for your kids to try. (via Creative Family Fun)

Color Mixing Tops

9. Straw Rockets: Launch these colorful rockets off with straws. Click the link for the free rocket printable for this craft. (via Buggy and Buddy)

Straw Rockets

10. Center of Gravity: Gravity can be hard to understand. This science experiment explains it so that younger kids can understand the concept. (via Rookie Parenting)

Center of Gravity

More STEAM Projects

11. Geometric LEGO Blueprint: Teach your littles about construction and building with this LEGO blueprint activity. (via Handmade Kids Art)

Geometric LEGO Blueprint

12. Paper Building Blocks: Use paper as a structural material with this educational building activity for kids. (via Babble Dabble Do)

Paper Building Blocks

13. Plastic Easter Egg Towers: Any leftover Easter eggs lying around? Use them for the STEAM challenge. See how high your kids can stack the towers. (via The Resourceful Mama)

Plastic Easter Egg Towers

14. Building 2D & 3D Shapes: Use different colored craft sticks to build 2D and 3D shapes. Get creative and see how many you can create. (via In The Playroom)

Building 2D & 3D Shapes

15. Shape Geoboard STEAM Activity: Start with a piece of styrofoam for this geoboard STEAM activity. Your little engineers will love working on this project. (via Little Bins For Little Hands)

Shape Geoboard STEAM Activity

16. Straw Bridges: Teach your kiddos about bridges and how they are formed with this straw bridge activity. (via The Stem Laboratory)

Straw Bridges

17. Evaporation Art with Puddles: This STEAM project teaches your little ones about how the heat from the sun causes water to evaporate. This is beautiful art project too. (via Handmade Kids Art)

Evaporation Art with Puddles

18. STEM Sticks for Brain Breaks: Make a bunch of STEAM sticks for your kids or students. These sticks have educational activities that they can try and do on their own. (via STEM Activities for Kids)

STEM Sticks for Brain Breaks

19. Catapult for Kids: Keep your kids entertained on a rainy day with this awesome catapult craft. Shoot pom poms across the room after you’ve built the catapult. So fun! (via Living Well Mom)

Catapult for Kids

20. Build Magnetic Metal Robots: Little engineers and crafters are going to go crazy over the idea of building their own robots! (via Adventures in a Box)

Build Magnetic Metal Robots

21. Hands-On Coding Games: Get your kids learning to code and having fun with these hands-on coding games. (via Preschool STEAM)

Hands-On Coding Games

Future engineers young and old will really enjoy these STEAM activities and projects. Your kids are going to love learning and having fun at the same time.

21 STEAM Projects to Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

Enjoy these STEAM projects with your family!

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  1. I literally gasped on the jelly beans craft. How very dare you! ??
    The paper plate maze looks very cool, saving this.
    My son’s favorite STEM inspiration is making busy boards and tinkering with hardware, I write more about it in my blog. He always comes up with the greatest inventions.

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