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Tooth Fairy Printable for Double Dollar Days

Does someone you know hate to lose their teeth? They don’t wiggle them, they don’t let anyone touch them. They bite and chew on the opposite side of their mouth so as not to disturb the precious teeth? They expect gravity to do all the work!

What a goofball! And that tooth has got to go!
What a goofball! And that tooth is just hanging there!

Look familiar? This could go on for weeks. Maybe even months! And you may have to go through this for 20 teeth! Kids start losing their teeth at about 6 years old (It’s easy to spot 1st and 2nd graders by their jack-o-lantern smiles) and will keep losing them until they are about 12.

Well, this might just solve your problem. Tooth Fairy Special Ad!

Tooth Fairy Special Ad_web

A special ad from the Tooth Fairy announcing Double Dollar Days! It says, “We are offering DOUBLE payment for each tooth! This week only! We need to meet our quota and need YOU to turn those LOOSE teeth into LOST teeth. So get WIGGLING! To redeem, place this coupon with your tooth and sleep tight till morning!”

Print up this Tooth Fairy Special Ad and include it in your stack of junk mail. (Sized to fit on half a sheet of 8.5 x 11″ paper) Show your little snaggletooth for some extra motivation!

The Tooth Fairy Double Dollar Days Printable

And… because I need validation: That first photo of my daughter? That tooth was so loose she could move it around in the socket and stick it in different positions. But she wouldn’t pull it out. It lasted just like you see it for about 3 weeks and then I accidentally bumped it when I was towel-drying her hair. It really was an accident, I swear. But you would’ve thought she’d been hit in the mouth by a major league fast pitch with how upset she was when it finally came out. And the blood. Let’s not talk about the blood! Now she has a lower lateral incisor (thanks web md!) that has been hanging there for about 6 weeks. Her permanent tooth has grown in behind it and isn’t helping much to push out the baby one! But she is definitely motivated by money, so this weekly ad couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks, Tooth Fairy! ;)

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