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Truffula Trees Blow Painting with Straws

One of my favorite books for children during Earth Month is The Lorax. Kids will love making their own Truffula Trees which you can pair with a book reading and planting activity. We previously showed you how to make watercolor Truffula trees, and have four crafty Lorax projects, but below, we have a simple preschool blow painting Truffula Trees craft.

blow painting truffula trees for preschoolers

I recently tried blow painting with the kids at school. They loved mixing paint colors and blowing their paint across the paper. I noticed that some of them looked like the tops of Truffula Trees and thought this would be a fun project for Earth Month in April.

Blow painting Truffula Trees

Supplies needed

  • Tempera paint
  • Straws (wider smoothie straws work best)
  • Straws
  • Watercolor paint (optional)

Craft tip: I find that tempera paint is thinner than acrylic and works best for blow painting, but you can use acrylic too. I used a cheap one from Dollar General for this project and it was thinner than a more expensive one that I have at home.


Step 1

Squeeze spots of paint onto your paper about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way up the page.

blobs of paint on paper for blow painting truffula trees

Tip: You don’t want to put too much paint on the paper or the paint will spread everywhere, you want to keep it fairly small.

Step 2

Blow through the straw to spread the paint. As you can see from the image below as you blow it in different directions it gradually spreads into a funky circle shape.

blow painting with a smoothie straw

Continue with the other colors. You might find that they overlap, and that’s fine too. Once you have finished, set your paper aside so that the paint can dry before moving onto the next step.

blow painting with straws to make the tops of truffula trees

Step 3

This step is optional, but we decided to paint a background for our Truffula Trees using watercolors.

how to blow paint with straws to make truffula trees

Step 4

Glue your straws into place. You can let the kids use a glue stick, or glue them on for them using hot glue which dries a lot faster.

truffula trees art for preschoolers using blow painting and watercolors

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