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Make Washi Tape Stands and Tags

washi _cover

I’ve been using the stand from my kids’ old wooden stacking toy to hold my washi tape. It makes perfect sense and I love displaying all the fun colors on my desk. Not only have my kids outgrown the toy, it’s in too rough of shape to hold onto for their kids or pass on to someone else. I mean, it’s missing a purple ring and the dark blue one went through the wash at some point.clash of clans cheats


So why not up-cycle the rest of the rings into washi tape stands as well? (I noticed ikea has wooden stacking toys for only $6.99 if you don’t have an old one to use.)


All I had to do was buy a dowel that fit (mine is 1/2″ diameter), saw it down (I did 7 1/2″ length), sand the tops and glue them in!


I used hot glue, but wood glue would work really well, too.


I painted the dark blue one with yellow spray paint, but decided to leave the light blue and red as is little scuffs and all.


While the paint dried, I printed up these printable gift tags to go with washi tape stands. I printed on white card stock. Download the printable here: washi tags_friends

washi9 washi10

Fold down the middle of each tag and cut around the outside. Use a dab of glue stick inside and then wrap with washi tape on the bottom of each. Punch a hole and tie to your new up-cycled washi tape stands! A perfect gift for friends. I’m using mine at a favorite things party where we have to bring 5 things that are under a $1! If you don’t have to stick to such a low budget, this would be a cute gift with the Washi Tape Crafts book as well!


Did I mention I also made this printable washi tape tag for sisters? Download the printable pdf here: washi tags_sisters

washi tags_sisters

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