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A Super Simple Tip for Swimsuits and the Sand

We recently took a trip to Southern California, part 2 of my Summer Bucket List, as we wanted to play to the beach and hit up a few amusement parks that you’ll hear a little bit more about later. On the road, we were able to test drive an Acadia thanks to GMC. It was the same car, even color, that my Eat Blog Run team used to get us through our relay race and it was bringing back some memories! Here we enjoyed some tailgating as we brushed the sand off our tootsies from the beach!

This year as we headed to the beach, I got a little wiser with what swimsuits to bring for my kids. I’m sharing a quick video with you about a super simple tip for swimsuits and the sand. Just listen to those waves!

What beach tips have you discovered as you’ve spent time in the sand?


  1. When I was a kid we used to go to beaches on the Mississippi River. Mostly I don’t remember even caring about the sand, nor to I recall my mom making a big deal about it. I do remember cutting a small hole in the lining and shaking the sand out after it had completely dried (getting it out while wet it, well, impossible. We never really kept our suits in our drawers or closets though. We always let them dry then kept them in our “boat bag” so any sand was always relatively contained and not all over our rooms.

  2. What about 2 piece swimsuits? My daughter wears the ones that look like a little T-shirt and shorts from Target or Lands End, and the liner is sewn in solidly with nowhere for sand to get caught. Then again, she’s so fair that I am just trying to save her little shoulders from sunburn.

  3. I’ve been a fan of baby powder at the beach forever. I bought a big old makeup brush at the dollar store and I used that to brush it off. Just like the hairdressers do on the back of your neck after a haircut. and never go to the beach without a NeatSheet.

  4. i make sure to buy a suit that only has a liner in the crotch and i cut it out.
    and baby powder is a must.

  5. Hope you had a great trip…..sorry we didn’t have sunny beaches for you! After being devasted by ruining so many cute swimsuits I figured out that if you lay the suit on the ground on cement while you’re at home, turn your hose on and use the “jet” function and spray the suit until all the sand is forced out. Works like a charm and doesn’t take long. Super easy:)

  6. Marie, this definitely goes in the “why didn’t I think of that” file! We love the beach but boy does that sand do a number on the my girls swimsuits. From here on out – I’ll be sure to create a “beach” and “pool” suit for the girls. Thanks!!

  7. GREAT vloggy!

    Having boys, I don’t deal with the lining issue so much. But I think it’s a great idea to have a spare suit. Just shower em’ off, switch suits and no sand in the pool!

  8. What a adorable photo Marie. Can’t wait to hit the beach in Tahoe myself. Looks like you guys had alot of fun in California.

  9. I grew up in Southern CA and I was going to share the baby powder tip (we never went to the beach without it!)… but looks like someone beat me to the punch!

  10. I never understood why female bathing suits have those liners only sewn on 3 sides! Sew the open side shut to eliminate the, uh, sagging feeling ;-)

  11. My favorite tip for the sand …. use baby powder to wipe off that sticky sand at the end of the day. Just pour some in your hand, rub it on your (or your little one’s) feet, leg, or whatever is covered in sand. Magic! The sand is gone.

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