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Prepping for Summer Backyard Parties & Entertaining

We’re fairly new to our neighborhood and we’re still getting to know a lot of our neighbors. In the past, I’ve found a great way to make connections in a new area is by hosting backyard parties. So I partnered up with Lowes to create a perfect backyard setting ready for summer entertaining!

Backyard Parties and Summer Entertaining

Summer Backyard Parties & Entertaining

Here are some of my favorite party and entertaining ideas for hosting a backyard party.

1. Decor

  • String holiday lights around trees or from your home to your fence for a starry night sky feel, or set up these mason jar lanterns around the yard.
  • Festive table settings with DIY tablecloths, mason jar flower vases, and tissue paper pom poms.
  • Flowers – One of the best ways to decorate is with flowers. We’ve placed a Star Jasmine plant right at the back door to help the whole backyard smell fragrant. And it’s a gorgeous plant to boot. We also have colorful perennials to help brighten up the green of it all in the back.

Jasmine Plant

2. Food and Drinks

3. Dessert

Backyard Parties and Entertaining

What backyard party ideas can you share to help set the summer entertaining mood?

Thanks to Lowes for sponsoring this post. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter for more ideas and inspiration!


  1. Those are some really nice ideas. You have probably already discovered however, that if you use the fire pit in the grass, it will kill the grass underneath. We used four 12 x 12 stones to lift our fire pit up and have a designated space for it.

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