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Bouquet of Hearts Card for Valentine’s Day

Make this adorable homemade heart bouquet card and give it to someone special this Valentine’s Day! Decorate each heart in their own unique way, or you can write a special note on each one like conversation hearts – BE MINE!

Bouquet of hearts card for Valentine's Day

For holidays and birthdays, homemade cards are my favorite! With just a stack of colored paper, markers, and glue, my kids and are making an adorable bouquet of hearts card for Valentine’s Day. We will make some to share with friends and family, but I’ll definitely be keeping one for myself!

Bouquet of Hearts Card


  • white construction paper or card stock
  • colored paper
  • markers
  • ribbon
  • glue dots or white glue


Cut a big pile of hearts from the colored paper. Ours were various shapes and sizes, but small enough to fit quite a few on our card. The folded-paper method for cutting hearts is perfect for this project – your kiddos can get lots of practice with this technique!

Cutting paper hearts for Valentine cards

I like to find ways to extend simple craft projects and make them even more engaging. In this case, we spent a good deal of time adding details to our paper hearts. We added lots of doodles with a black pen, but you could also use colored markers, stickers, or even glitter! Writing names, words, or lovey-dovey messages on the hearts would be fun, too.

Doodling on paper Valentine hearts

Fold a piece of sturdy white paper in half to make a card. With a green marker or crayon, draw some flower stems that overlap and meet in the middle.

Heart bouquet craft project for kids

Now it’s time to add the paper hearts. Attach each heart to the card with a single glue dot (or a small dot of glue) in the center. This makes the hearts easy to overlap and arrange, plus it gives the card some interesting pop-up dimension. Continue filling in the top of the card with hearts for a full heart bouquet.

Crafting a heart bouquet card

For the finishing touch, tie a small piece of ribbon into a bow and attach to the drawn stems. So cute!

Adorable bouquet of hearts card for Valentine's Day

*Originally posted 1/16/17


  1. I would LOVE to use this post in a blog roundup by Bella Sunshine Designs for Valentine crafts! I would use one picture from this post and link directly here with credit to you (of course). Is this something you would allow me to do?

  2. I love folding the paper and making hearts, and I will definitely make this Valentine card with my grandson!

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