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Creating Storytellers in Your Kids

The book Always by Ann Stott is a family favorite at our house! It asks questions kids have for their parents like – “even if we are naughty sometimes, will you still love us?” The answers at the end remind kids we will ALWAYS love them!

As a teacher, I love using books containing a teaching concept that is short and easy to teach. Two things this book can teach are identifying the ending punctuation and using voice inflection as we read, depending on the ending punctuation. Voice inflection is a fancy way to describe your tone of voice when speaking. As our kids are first learning, how we read is setting the example of what we want from them. We want them be observant to the words and punctuation on the page and how they are used.

Book Activity: Questions and Answers

What you need:

  •         Your beautiful voice
  •         The book: Always by Ann Stott.

As you read the book, have your child identify ending punctuation – is it asking a question or telling an answer? After they tell you what type of punctuation ends the sentence, sing one of these 2 songs:

Understanding punctuation and voice inflection allows our children to become the storyteller of each book they read. The story comes to life when we can bring to their attention what words and punctuation are being used in the story to convey the meaning.

Have fun questioning and answering with your kids, turning them into great storytellers!

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