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Creative Intentions, Vision Boards, and Manifesting Your Dreams

Today for our Maker Stories series, I’m thrilled to share a podcast episode I was part of with the amazing and creative Nicole of Dear Handmade Life. Nicole and I talk all about creative intentions, what they are and how they can come to light. We also chat about manifesting what you want out of life and discovering how you can create joy!

Flow Vision Board

Creative Intentions and Manifesting Your Dreams

As I’m well into my year of FLOW (my word for this year), I’m excited for what possibilities are still to come, to the path that is unfolding, especially as the fall and winter months approach. I’m ready to be in the flow, in the rhythm of life, and doing what feels right, staying mindful to the creative intentions in making good decisions for my life!

So I had an absolute blast talking all about this topic with Nicole. We share what creative intentions and manifesting even mean, and how they can be used to help us find joy in our lives to make powerful transformations!

“With all life gives us, it’s about how we move through these changes and keeping going forward. For me, it’s how I keep creating and making and enjoying life. Day to day, moment to moment, slowing down life a little to appreciate all it has to offer. The older I get, the more I want to stop time, slow down, and just be!” -Marie LeBaron

Pop in some earbuds, head out for a walk, and listen in…

Dear Handmade Life


Nicole of Dear Handmade Life is also the co-founder of the creative conference Craftcation! It’s one of my favorites of the year, I talk all about it in our podcast interview. It’s a hub for all things creative, community, and collaboration! Dream come true talking on a panel this last year all about creativity and how to spark more of it in our lives! Especially with these powerhouse woman: Amy Tan, Jessica Hannah, and Jennifer Perkins. Fabulous conversation about getting yourself out of that funk to spark creativity!

Spark Creativity Craftcation

And how lucky am I… recently I was interviewed by the ever-crafty Jennifer Perkins of Creative Queso! Not only is Jennifer an amazing maker of all sorts of crafts, she’s best known for her fabulously elaborate holiday decorations!

Vintage Christmas Decor Jennifer Perkins

Here’s more on my interview with Jennifer

Marie LeBaron Creative Queso Interview


“Step back and take it all in. Every little thing. I often forget how amazing this world of creativity is that we live in. I feel so lucky to be a part!”

Marie LeBaron Creative Flow Life Quote

I’d love to hear your life experiences and your creative journeys. Leave a comment and share how you’ve changed over the years, what your life and/or creativity has become over time, and what motivates and inspires you to keep creativity alive!

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