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Get In the Creative Flow for 2019

For a couple of years I’ve been choosing a word to hold on to and incorporate more fully in my life. If you remember my post about my word for 2018 which was mindfulness, it was a hugely impactful and helped bring about my recent mental health discovery and wellbeing. It gave me a new sense of self worth and self knowing, and an excitement about my everyday. I’m more aware of what really matters, what I hold true, and my exploration to becoming my best self in very meaningful ways. And since it began and the ball is rolling, it just keeps going and going. There’s no going back, ha! But I don’t want to go back. I’ve become aware, more mindful. Having realized how deeply depressed and lethargic I had become, I’m now awakened to this new awareness by being more mindful, and I’m still riding that wave — right into my 2019 year of Creative FLOW!

~ FLOW ~

I’m ready for the real emotions and feelings to come and go -ebb and flow- I’m willing to hold them for a time, allowing them work their way through, teach what they are there to teach, and then I will let them go. Not saying it’s going to be easy, I’m simply ready and open.

Flow Craft Wire

Get in the Creative Flow

With my year of FLOW, I’m excited for what possibilities are to come, to the path that is unfolding. Ready to be in the flow, in the rhythm of life, and doing what feels right, staying mindful to the right intentions in making good decisions for my life!

Ways to create more flow in my life:

  • Daily check in’s with myself. Asking “is this something giving me life or giving me stress?” or “am I in the flow” as I wave my arms in a flowing action.
  • Meditation – going to try for 10 minutes every morning, right when the kids are off to school. I use the Insight Timer app and love it.
  • Signing up for any curiously creative activities I can think to do – maybe improv!!
  • More painting. I’ve just signed up for Let’s Make Art monthly watercolor art box, so inspiring, I really want to improve this art form.
  • Conscious eating!! This one is big. I forget how important healthy eating is, or rather mindful eating.
  • Find the fun in my everyday. Going with the flow of what life has to offer, allowing it to be something to learn from or something to improve my life for the better.
  • Start a life coaching practice

One of the biggest and most impactful ways I’ll be creating more FLOW in my life is with my new life coaching adventure. Yup! Over the last several months I’ve become a certified life coach. I’ll be helping others find flow in their life through Creative Flow Life Coaching! Whether it’s creative flow or life flow, whatever flow you need to be in to help you move forward in life and THRIVE! And I’d love to have you come join me and check out what things I offer to help you get in the flow of your life. I LOVE working with people one-on-one, in groups, or even a team building workshop to work together and find your creative flow!

Creative Flow Life Coaching

What word have you chosen for 2019? I’d love to hear what you’re up to for this year and the ways you’re also in a state of creative flow!

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