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Creativity with Balance of Mind, Body and Soul

I have personally found balance to be so important when creating with my whole self. For creativity with balance, that means my mind, body, and soul are all in alignment as I step into my creative process. Just like the shape of a triangle, all three areas in my life are aligned, creating balance.

Mind Body Soul Triangle

Creativity with Balance

These 3 areas are so powerful in helping us be our best creative selves. I’m sharing a little bit more about what I mean by the mind, body, and soul and what parts they play in our creativity.


Mind – allowing our best mental thoughts to come forth for creating. This might mean we’ll have to do some personal work to get really clear and ready for the creative process. The kind of work to improve our life, better ourselves, understand ourselves, and having the awareness and mindfulness it can take to be fully present. I’ve done a lot of this work, a lot! And I don’t know if I’m done, if I’ll ever be “done”. There’s always areas for improvement. But I’ve really taken to heart my year of mindfulness, keeping things that are helping and getting rid of things that are hurting. This way I know I am working towards my best and highest self. I had to start looking at who I was, how I was behaving, what my best and worst attributes were and how I could reframe them for my benefit. Ultimately to help move towards the highest expression of myself for creative work. Through education, learning, and continual growth of consciousness, to be in a state of thriving!


Body – we use our body in our creative actions, so we must be thoughtful about our physical well-being. I know when I’m not treating my body right. It shows. It’s hard to be in a creative mindset with an upset stomach or an achy back or a headache. I have to really be thoughtful about what I’m eating, drinking, sleeping, and how I’m moving my body. So if I can remember to do what’s best for my body, I know I’ll be physically ready to create!


Soul – who we are deep within helps guide our creativity to take form. From our writing, painting, dancing, knitting, speaking, making, all these areas and more are brought forth from our souls. Now this can mean different things for different people; our essence, our spirit, spirituality, connection, love and belonging, energy force, inner creative being, true self, highest self, creator, god/goddess, universe, past-present-future. However you want to look at it, having a peace and balance with our souls can only bring us to our best state of creativity.

Creativity with Mind Body Soul Balance

Just like a cairn — a pile of rocks placed on top of one another in careful alignment to construct a perfect balance — we too must work to get ourselves in this sacred space, ready to create!

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