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Expand Your Creative Process Through Crafts You Already Love

Ready to expand your creative process? Maybe you’re feeling stuck with your creativity and not sure how to unblock and get past any obstacles in the way. To help get you back to your creative self, let’s explore what types of crafting you’ve always loved! Something you already know, something you’re already really good at, and let’s EXPAND it even further to bring new growth and innovation!

Simple and Easy Creativity

What are those crafts you can do while you’re asleep? Those creative processes that come so easily to you, you’re able to watch TV and keep on going with out missing a step. Maybe you’re not quite sure what those crafts are or if you are still excited about them. Well, I’m here to help you figure that out.

Expand Your Creative Process

Here are a 3 ways to get yourself unstuck with creatively expanding who you already are!

1. Make a List:

Start With What You Know

Make a list of all the types of arts and crafts you can do, even those crafts you did or learned way back when. Even if you don’t like doing them, write them down. Maybe you can’t do them perfectly, but you’ve done them before, maybe even just a dabble. Write them down and make a list. If you’re like me, you’re very curious about lots and lots of different creative projects and your list is loooong. That’s ok. Make it anyway. Then read it over again. Maybe even 3-4 times. First, I want you to recognize what you’ve done and what you’ve been able to accomplish. Bravo. You gave yourself the time and space to put these creative processes into practice. 

(Not sure how to even start this list? Maybe you’re in a place where you really can think about what you do know, or you’re drawing a blank. I wrote a post over at Creative Flow Coaching all about this and how we can get past these negative blocks to unblock our creative list)

2. Put a Star:

Get in the Creative Flow

Now it’s time to narrow down that list we just created and put a star next to the ones that you love to do. Those crafts that make your heart sing, get your blood pumpin’, and you feel alive when you think about this or that craft project or art process. This is the type of creativity that gets you in that creative flow. And by creative flow I mean those moments of getting lost in the creative process, when you’re not aware of time or space. THOSE are the ideas and activities I’m talking about that you can hold on to and expand. Maybe there’s a technique or creative process you’re good at or what you already know (see above). Which of these creative projects and art processes spark joy? Put a star beside those activities!

3. Circle Up:

Keep Moving Forward to Grow

With your list in front of you and stars next to a handful of ideas, now I want you to circle 1-2 that really get you excited. These are the type of activities and projects that get you up in the morning, offer fulfillment and satisfaction to your day or to your year. Let’s see how we can move those creative processes even further – expand your own knowing!

Make a Creative List to Expand Your Creative Process Through Crafts You Already Love

With those 1-2 crafts or art processes in mind, do some research to see if there are next step classes you can take, online or a local workshops, maybe continuing education classes where you can go a step further, learn a little more, and deepen your skill. If that specific process is one that you love and gets you in that zone, then maybe helping it along and growing it with more education and a deeper dive can get you out of that creative funk and off and rolling again. Or maybe in the process of expanding what you already know, you discover something new and exciting that develops and you come out with a double rainbow!

Want more ideas on how to expand your creative process?

What are you crafting these days? What’s something you love to make you can do it in your sleep? What did you circle on your list?

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