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Crochet Olympic Rings for the Winter Games

It’s just a few weeks away for the Winter Olympic Games and we’re making crochet Olympic rings to celebrate. Whip up a few of these as you watch the your favorite winter sport. What’s your favorite? I love the bobsled!

Crochet Olympic Rings

I’ve always wanted to try crocheting with pipe cleaners and these Olympic rings seemed like the perfect opportunity to go for it. It was so fun, a lot easier than I thought it would be. The possibilities are endless. I think I’ll be crocheting letters, hearts, and all sorts of fun shapes.

Crochet Olympic Rings with Pipe Cleaner

Crochet Olympic Rings

These rings can be a party display with ribbon for a banner, glued to paper for a framed picture or greeting card, or even let the kids toss them around for a few winter games!

Olympic Rings Crocheted with Pipe Cleaners

Keep reading to see the full tutorial…


  • yarn in Olympic colors – blue, black, red, yellow, green
  • pipe cleaners in Olympic colors
  • crochet hook – size I
  • scissors
  • crochet needle

Supplies for Pipe Cleaner Crochet Olympic Rings

1. For the rings shown here, I cut my pipe cleaners in half to 6 inches long. Form them into a circle by twisting the two ends over one another.

Slip knot for crocheting rings

2. Make a slip knot with your yarn.

Single Crochet with Pipe Cleaners

3. To start the yarn onto your pipe cleaner: put your hook through the circle, add the slip knot to the hook, and pull the hook back out of the circle. Chain one stitch to secure it.

4. Continue to single crochet all around your circle.

Single Crochet Olympic Rings

5. Single crochet 4-5 stitches and then press them together down the circle to make them tight on the ring. You can keep them loose and spaced out, but I like the tight look, adding as many single crochet stitches as I can.

6. Finish all the way around your circle and add a slip stitch through the first stitch you made. Cut your yarn and tie it off. Hide in your yarn tails with your crochet needle.

Finished Crocheted Olympic Rings with Pipe Cleaners

Now crochet 4 more to make all 5 colored rings. They make for a fun Winter Olympic Games display!

Crocheting Olympic Rings for the Winter Games

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