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Festive Serving Spoons for Your Holiday Party

I’m sure you have a few holiday parties coming up to celebrate the 4th of July and you’re probably bringing a potluck dish, am I right? Well, here’s a fun way to dress up your dish, making your serving spoons a little more decorative. Wrap some ribbon around your spoons to give them a fun festive look.

Supplies for Decorative Serving Spoons:

  • serving spoons
  • ribbon – any kind, at least 4-5 feet
  • glue dot or tape

1. Cut your ribbon to 4 times the length of your spoon. Place a glue dot, or a small piece of tape, on the back top of your spoon. This helps your ribbon stay in place, not sliding up your spoon.
2. Center your ribbon and place it on top of the glue dot or tape.

3. Wrap your ribbon, using both ends, around your spoon. You’ll want to do it this way, so you have two ends to tie it off at the bottom together.
4. Once you get to the end, tie off the ribbon. You can tuck it in to hide the strings hanging or keep them out and cut them off in a cute shape for the ends.

Here is another pair of spoons I made using a thinner ribbon and tucked the ribbon back.

Use these festive serving spoons for your next party to help celebrate the holidays!


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