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Do You Use Reusable Grocery Bags at the Store?

I’ve been trying really hard over the last little while to bring reusable grocery bags to the store with me, you know, helping do my part. It was hard to start, I was nervous to ask the grocery store clerks to use them. But so many stores, especially here in Seattle, are familiar with them and even encourage you to use them. And I actually love them more than the plastic or paper bags at the store as they fit so much more and hang on my shoulder so easily.

These bags from Chico, the Vita style, are my favorite. I’ve stocked up on them, if you can’t tell.

They are super duper compact, fit in any purse I have, and are a cinch to pull out or put back together. Even my son helps me fold it back into itself.

The material is slick and washable, they have a drawstring to keep them together, and I love the carabiner that comes attached so I can hook it to my stroller or myself if I don’t have my purse with me.

And the best part, this style of grocery bag can fit so much stuff! I try to tell the grocery clerks to fill it full, as it’s not too hard to carry around and the handles are soft and carry really well.

I do have many other styles I use, they each have their purpose. Like I have the cloth rectangle box style bags for the beach and for taking food to the park. But these Chico Vita bags are the best for quick use at the grocery store. And they’re not too terribly expensive, they pay for themselves, and I’m helping save our earth :)

Do you use reusable bags? Have you ever tried it before? What style is your favorite?


  1. I use reusable market bags every day for everything…but I’m biased – I only use the market bags I make! Stylish, chic, and they stretch to carry a ton! Then I just toss them in the wash every couple of weeks…

    My peeps at the grocery store will actually give me a hard time if I forget to bring them – doesn’t happen often, though :)

  2. I like the ones I made. It’s reversible, French seams, and I just used a regular sturdy plastic bag for the pattern. It is super sturdy and works great. I use it for all the really heavy things. Just pick your favorite bag and sew!

  3. I have a ton of freebies and purchased grocery store bags, my favorite of which are the big poly Trader Joe’s bags. Very very sturdy (I’ve had one that’s held up for five years) and I like the nylon tape handles for carrying. I also have a Chico that I keep tucked away in the diaper bag or my purse; I need to pick up another for my son’s backpack, for those times he has extra stuff to carry home.

    My favorite favorite bag for groceries, however, is a big blue nylon canvas bucket-ish bag that I received from a school library conference a few years ago. It has a nice pocket on the front to stash coupons and whatnot, and the handles are comfy and can be worn over the shoulder. I should really try to hunt down someone who retails these, because with a couple more, I wouldn’t need to think about another bag for a decade — they’re that durable!

  4. Here in Toronto, it’s city law that retailers have to charge five cents for a plastic bag so most people carry bags with them. I love my envirsax!

  5. I use reusable bags for grocery shopping. I don’t know what kind they are as they were a gift from a friend, but they are big and conveniently hook open onto the shopping cart. Two bags fill the basket of the cart. The baggers love them because they just fill the two bags and I go on my way. I think they can hold up to 40 lbs. each. My husband complains that they get too heavy, but I don’t mind because I am not carrying them far.

  6. I have a few bags like yours, and I have some bigger ones sold by my grocery store. I love the nylon bags because they fit into any purse. You can always have one with you.
    I agree they are much easier to carry than plastic bags, especially if you have to walk a long distance.

  7. I use reusable bags often, I love the blue ones they sell at Costco for groceries. I have one in my purse similar to the ones above it’s a choc covered strawberry when cinched up. Way better than having all sorts of plastic bags that just end up getting thrown out.

    1. Turns out I had one but didn’t know it. It came from the EVO conference, I got Oscar. And although I do like the shape of it, I like the Chico bags better for closure.

  8. Cute bags! I always take my own reusable bags to the grocery store – you can put so much more in them than those store plastic bags and they are easier to carry too. All of those plastic bags are such a waste – wish more people would bring their own reusables :)

  9. I’m not a fan of the free or $1 each ones because they’re bulky and I never have them with me. So the Chico’s look like I’d have them. I’ve also looked at breezybags.

  10. I have the ones our store makes available. They are shaped like a paper bag, a little wider, but with handles just long enough to sling over my shoulder – the boxy shape holds a ton without everything getting squished as soon as you pick it up (like those plastic bags). Tough insert on the bottom and two panels inside two of the corners that will keep things like 2-liters upright. Pocket on the outside keeps cards and such crease free and clean. And the whole thing is washable if need be. LOVE them. I tend to store stuff in them, so I’m always having to get more. At $1 a piece, they’re a steal.

  11. We have a lot of different types of bags, and have a “bag of bags” too. A few of our bags are similar to yours. Picked up for .99 cents at our local Wegmans, I believe. I think my favorite bags are the handmade ones I won from the though! Not that they are my favorite style, just that I find them very inspirational and want to make some of my own.

  12. I use reusable bags about 95% of the time. I really love my Envirosax for tossing in my purse and I use Trader Joe’s bags for my groceries. I have had my TJ bags for over 5 years now and I have yet to replace any of them! Those puppies are strong!

  13. These are the exact bags that I use and I have a LOT of them. I don’t bother folding them back up very often anymore unless I am actually putting them in a purse. I have a bag of bags I keep in the car and just bring in to the store with me whenever I go shopping. (my bag of bags is kind of naughty. it says “i need some f-ng groceries” … hey at least it isn’t spelled out.) ;-) They really are the best bags and are great to use at any type of store. I even use them when I go clothes shopping.

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