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Easy Scrap Gift Bows

It seems like gift-giving season is upon us with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding and baby showers, graduation…that’s a lot of presents to wrap! I love the presentation of a gift–that’s half the fun for me. I’ve noticed a trend in big, scrappy bows lately, and they’re the perfect scrap-busters for people like me who love to save every little piece of paper and ribbon!

Easy Scrap Gift Bows

Easy Scrap Gift Bows

Supplies for Easy Scrap Gift Bows:

  • Gather scraps of patterned paper
  • newspaper or used wrapping paper
  • tulle
  • ribbon
  • ric rac
  • string
  • buttons
  • flowers

Scrap Gift Bow Supplies


1. Wrap your gift. I like to use a kraft or white wrapping paper so my bow will really stand out (and I don’t have to worry about it clashing with the wrapping paper!).

2. Scrunch paper(s) in the middle so it resembles a bow. Sometimes I like to fold my paper like a fan for added dimension. Layer scrunched “bows” of different sizes. Tie them in the middle with a piece of ribbon.

Gift Bow First LayerGift Bow Second LayerGift Bow Tied Together

3. Layer a few more pieces of ribbon in the middle of the bow and tie on with same ribbon.

Scrap Bow Extra Ribbons

4. Wrap a long piece of ribbon or tulle around the gift. Lay your bow in the middle and tie ends of long ribbon around to secure. Finish with a bow, or secure a flower or button in the center. Voila!

Gift Wrapping For BowHow to Affix BowEasy Scrap Gift Bow Finished Product

Start saving those scraps!


  1. Thanks for the guide. I used my old scraps to wrap a present for my daughter, followed your instructions and the result was amazing. You´ve got great ideas.

  2. We try to wrap our customers packages differently all the time…to keep it interesting and fun.

    This is a great way to “upcycle” all the stuff laying around!


  3. What a resourceful idea! I have all sorts of scraps that I have saved up. This will be great!



  4. I’m in love with this! I have a box in the craft closet just for scraps that are too cute to part with. Thanks for giving them a new purpose so they can get out of the scrap box and show their beauty to the world.

  5. I LOVE this! I can’t wait to make some!
    My husband is a carpenter and I like to use his wooden “ribbon” curls to make bows for his woodworking gifts to our friends & family. I never thought about incorporating scraps of paper/fabric/ribbon in with it!

  6. I just love this. You could even use scraps from the birth announcements in the Sunday paper if it’s for a birthday gift :) Not that they’d notice especially, but it’d be cute nonetheless ;)

  7. Yuuuss… finally I have a reason for all my scrap hoarding!! :) Thanks so much for sharing. I am filing this at



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