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Edible Easter Lilies

As Easter approaches, it is time once again for the family’s famous Easter Lilies. Last year it took me a few times to master the art of forming this tasty treat, but I finally got the hang of it to post one good picture!

Easter Lillie Cookie dessert

I am excited to try this Easter Lilies Recipe again and hope that my cooking skills have improved over the last year. My sister makes them with a bright red strawberry garnish, perfect for the season. Enjoy.


  1. I was looking for edible ‘real’ lilies, but this brings back memories. My two aunts made these every year, and their mother before them. They always added a tiny sliver of orange peel or two for stamens, which gave them the finishing touch!

  2. A few tips for next time:

    Thin spatula for scraping them off the pan is better than a thick one. It will bunch up otherwise.

    Silpat doesn’t work. Use vegetable spray and flour. In fact, the more veggie spray the better.

    My oven needed to be at 370* and I cooked them for 10 minutes. I did fit 6 on a pan, a little faster.

  3. I just made my batch for this year’s Easter! They turned out great. I am for sure much better at it than last year. Practice makes perfect!

    I hope they go well for all of you!

  4. I am so not ready for Easter this year! It just sort of snuck up on me. All of your Easter goodies look like so much fun!

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