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5 Sweet Family Games for Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day celebration is simple, but special – fancy plates for dinner, a night of family games, and of course, chocolate! I’ve gathered five Valentine-inspired games perfect for your February family game nights. Even my teens are willing to indulge me by playing these games, especially if there’s a bowl of Valentine candy on the table.!

Sweet family games for Valentine's Day!

5 Sweet Family Games for Valentine’s Day

1. Hearts Card Game

February is the perfect month to teach your kids this classic card game. Every Valentine’s Day, we eat our traditional waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, followed by many rounds of Hearts. Watch out for the Queen of Spades!

Can’t remember how to play? Check out the instructions here: How to Play Hearts

2. Candy Heart Battleship

I loved playing Battleship when I was a kid, and I probably would have loved this candy heart version even more! Each player needs two game boards – one for arranging the candy heart ships and one for marking off guesses.

Place a standing file folder between the two players. Arrange your candy hearts in five “ships” – one five-square, one four-square, two three-square, and one two-square. On your turn, guess a number. Your opponent will tell you if you got a hit or a miss, which you can mark on your game board. First player to sink all his opponent’s candy heart ships is the winner!

Download a free Valentine Battleship game board at Blog Hoppin’.

Valentine Battleship game

3. Valentine Charades

Cut a stack of paper hearts from colored construction paper. Players each take 5 hearts and write something they love on each one. This could be a person, animal, hobby, food, favorite book or movie, color, season, flower, etc. Anything you love! Put all the hearts in a basket, and take turns acting out and guessing the words. After you guess each word, you can also guess who wrote it!

4. Valentine Headband Guessing Game

If your family is a fan of the popular HedBanz game, play a Valentine-inspired version with free printable cards at The Crafting Chicks. There’s sure to be lots of giggles guessing if you are a love letter, teddy bear, or lips!

5. Valentine Category Game

This fun printable is similar to the popular board game, Scattergories. Just print a game board for each person, and start filling in the chart with words that match each category and letter. Younger kids might need some help brainstorming ideas for each letter. Older kids might like the challenge of using a timer to see how many spaces they can fill in.

Download the Valentine Category Game printable.

Valentine category game printable

Have fun playing together this Valentine’s Day!

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