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Growing Wheatgrass in Springtime Containers

When I grew my own wheatgrass, I chose a few festive containers. I wanted to test them out to see which would work the best. Here’s the results for how each container turned out.

  • My favorite wheatgrass container: Terra Cotta Pots. These worked out fabulously. I love how the orange from the pot contrasts so well with the green from the grass. I think I’ll be making more of these and giving them to family and friends.

  • Runner-up: Silver Tray. I also love this silver tray with the grass as a beautiful display. It’s perfect for decorating a living room side table or a kitchen table centerpiece.

  • Fun container to watch it grow: Glass Floral Vase. With a glass container, you can really see what’s happening as the wheatgrass grows.We used this Etched Glass Vase to grow wheatgrass. It was fun to watch as the wheatgrass made roots and grew grass.

  • Festive for Easter: Easter Bowls and Easter Bunny. For the Easter bowls, I bought these ceramic bowls from Target a few years back and have previously filled it with candy. I thought it might be fun to try grass. It looks really fun and festive. But as these containers are not very deep, they are losing soil. The roots are taking over and floating the grass right out of the bowls!

  • I also used this Easter Bunny Bucket for a container. This is a fun one for my kids, as they’re hoping the real Easter Bunny might hide some eggs inside!

  • What didn’t work at all: The Egg Carton. It was a fun idea to start with, but every time I watered it, the carton would soak up all the water, leaving the soil with none. I was having to pour more and more water, making a big wet mess on my counter with lots of towels. Sorry no photo, it got tossed back into recycling after 3 days.

What containers have you had success with growing grass or wheatgrass indoors?


    1. These are wonderful! I’m going to use them as decorations at my Son’s Wedding Reception. How long do they last? The Reception is in about 20 days. Thank you

  1. I am growing wheatgrass in containers and would like to sell them in my studio gallery.If they only last a few weeks this would not work for decor sales. does the grass just die off after a few weeks? Is there another type of grass that will last longer?

  2. I used some antique wide-mouthed Mason jars I have because I like seeing the roots, too. It turned out pretty cute.

  3. Marie,
    it is awesome..looks really great..liked wheat grass in silver trays. it is quite educative for kids also to watch them growing in plastic bags
    when we were kids in our village they used to use earthern pots for keeping drinking water cool. They put pot on sand and they put ragi in the sandRagi grass also looks similar to the wheat grass.

  4. We started today. I am leaving the plants in my mother’s hands on Tues as we head to Maui… hoping to have grass for Holden’s Easter Basket by then…

    Hope we have good results!

  5. What a fun idea! I’ve wanted to try growing wheatgrass for a long time, but haven’t really known how to start. Now that I know it’s so easy, I’ll go for it! What kinds of things can you use wheatgrass for? (Besides it looking beautiful, of course.)

  6. PS That’s a photo of my mini green house racks loaded up with cups of wheat grass, right in my kitchen last April. Sorry it’s so tiny!

  7. White wheat will work (in fact, probably any inexpensive seed will). I’ve done 100 cups of wheat grass for a party at church. I used plastic cups & poked drainage holes in them by using a nail (held with pliers) heated over my gas burner. (Electric burners work even easier.)
    You could even grow your own mung sprouts or something more exotic.
    Instead of “watering” mine, I sprayed them with a water bottle. OH! And I didn’t use any soil, just the pre-soaked wheat berries.
    Thanks for showing us how cute this project can be!

  8. Janel – I’m not sure about white wheat. But you could give it a try. Let me know if you do and if it turns out.

  9. We try to grow wheatgrass in our Easter baskets each year. That way on easter morning we have a beautiful, natural Easter basket filled with wonderful real grass, instead of the nasty plastic grass that gets everywhere and eventually is thrown away each year.

  10. Do you think white wheat kernels would work the same as red? I love that you get results so quickly, too! What a fun idea for kids and parents!

  11. Family of Three – The seeds were only 79 cents per pound and I only used 3/4 of a pound for all that you see above, so very cheap. You can find the seeds/grain at most health food stores. See my previous post for more details about planting.

    And if you have a big enough container, you could keep these for a few weeks. You need a large enough container as the roots start to take over. I also would suggest trimming the grass after about a week or it will start to get out of control.

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