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Frightfully Fun Candy Witch Brooms

These witch brooms are so easy to create, especially in a quick pinch, and make a spooky treat for any Halloween party. They are a perfect chocolate & pretzel combination!

Halloween Candy Witch Brooms to Make You Cackle

Halloween Candy Witch Brooms

Halloween is such a great time for crafts and treats. We’re making chocolate candy witch brooms (similar to these Easter candy lollipops we made last April) and they are a huge hit for a Halloween bash!


  • Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • pretzel sticks
  • toothpick


1. Pierce the bottom of your peanut butter cup with a toothpick, helping to create a hole for the pretzel to go into. Then stick your pretzel into the hole, but not too far as you don’t want it to come out the other side.

2. If you’re going to give these witch treats to a neighbor or friend in a cute little gift, then you’ll want to keep the wrappers on, just like above. But if you’re going to serve these at a party, you may want to remove the wrapper before you place in your pretzel, like below. Then your guests can snack away!

Halloween Candy Witch Broom

Watch our Candy Witch Brooms Video

Now you’re ready to plate these up. Add some candy corn to your platter to make it super festive! Be prepared for kids to snatch them up quick, adults too! You may even want to start to cackle after you snack!! Have fun creating these cute Halloween candy witch brooms.

Halloween Chocolate Candy Witch Brooms

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