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Handwritten Notes to My Favorite Sisters

“Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…” I have some pretty amazing sisters. The kind of sisters who you talk to on a weekly basis. The kind that when you get together it’s an all out party. And the kind who will put on a “Sisters” number with you at your wedding, (I wish I could post the footage). I love it!

But sadly, ever since I moved to Seattle, I don’t get to see them as much as they are all back in Utah. We talk on the phone, play Scramble with Friends, and see each other’s pics on Instagram, but we don’t have as much of that meaningful sister time. That’s why I was happy to partner up with Avant pens, who is encouraging us all to get more personal with our connections and write to our loved ones. Not type or text, but write!

I got out some cards – cutest stationary from Lark Press, gathered my new slick pen thanks to Avant Pens, and started writing a few things to my sissies, telling them how much they mean to me.

This pen writes like magic, no clumping or skipping a step. It even has to option to interchange ink, so you can go from red, to blue, to black in a flash! And you can find them exclusively at Staples. It was perfect for lots of letter writing, as I have 3 sisters. And I hope they love my notes as much as I loved writing them.

Who do you have in your life that needs a little love, a card, something in the mail or even dropped off on their doorstep? Because 6 of you have the chance to win some of these smooth sailing pens yourself, wahoo!!


This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. I will contact you for more information.

Congrats to our winners: 51 Kelly, 61 Rose, 13 Chelsey, 112 Mary Anne, 92 Janine, 91 Mindy

Giveaway Entries: For your chance to win 1 of  6 pen sets from Avant, leave a comment on this post telling who you’d write some snail mail to, by Wednesday October 3rd @ midnight PST. I’ll announce the winner chosen from random on Thursday morning October 4th. Good Luck!

*US and Canada residents only

Extra Entries – enter a new comment for each extra entry telling what you did:

*Disclosure: this was a sponsored post by Avant, but all ideas and writing are my own. 


  1. My high school friend who I haven’t talked to for quite awhile. Would be a great way to get back in touch!

  2. I write my son a couple of notes a week. He’s 13 and in middle school (which was a nightmare for me) so I think he needs to know that someone is on his side!

  3. I would write to my Aunt Sheree who always seems to take the time to handwrite those she loves.

  4. I would write to my grandma in Puerto Rico. I haven’t seen her in years since I joined the Army and I know she would love it :)

  5. I love sending cards to my dear friends, even if I see them regularly! They love getting unexpected mail from me!

  6. I would write to my bff. she lives in virginia beach and i live in Chicago. we love to write to each other all the time. :)

  7. I would write to my grandparents who live out of state. I do not see them very often and should definitely be in contact with them more!

  8. I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan and all of my family lives on the east coast. I can’t pick just one person, so I guess I would have to write to them all.

  9. I would love to write some snail mail to my college roomie. Now that we live more than 6 hours apart I don’t get to see her as often as I would like

  10. id write my mother whom I may never see again. she is 84 and lives in texas and i am handicapped and live in tn

  11. I would write thank-you notes to the many people who help me out with so many different things. It is always nice to get a personalized note!

  12. I would write to all of my family in Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia. Seeing that I have no family here in Alabama, I try and write to them every month.

  13. I love to write ‘real’ letters. I’d write to my Mom, my sister, my brothers, and my grandparents.

  14. A “sister” of mine and I just recently exchanged snail-mail letters even though we live close enough to see each other every week. It was so uplifting! I’d love to keep this trend going.

  15. I’d write letters to all my friends in Spain! I spent 18 months with them and miss them like crazy :)

  16. I write notes to my neices. Yes, I see them everyday. But I’d like to write them keepsake notes of love, quotes, and scriptures. I may even write the guy I love and tell him not to marry the girl he’s engaged to. He doesn’t have to be with me, but please don’t marry her!

  17. I would write to my best friend in Texas, I’m in California. I miss her so much. Its been awhile since we actually picked up a pen and wrote to each other. I think writings to each other is a great idea. Thank you.

  18. My SIL could use some cheering up due to some health problems – I could send her a card written with this pen :)

  19. My uncle moved across the country to retire and we always send cards for holidays. I miss him very much. I would love to send him more snail mail.

  20. I would love one of these…..I kind of have a pen obsession! I need something that doesn’t annoy me so I can write my parents, brother and sisters who all live on the west coast while I live on the east coast!

  21. I would write a card and send it to my best friend who moved to the other side of the country to begin her OB/GYN residency. I miss her but am so proud of her!

  22. I have two sisters who live out of state from me and I’m sure they would enjoy a handwritten message from me. Thank you for the giveaway.

  23. I would love to win these pens so I can write some letters to my family in Cuba. I love good pens and always have a hard time finding good ones! Thanks, <3

  24. I would use it to address and write notes on the back of all the post cards I send to friends when I am on vacation or think of them….

  25. I would write a thank-you letter to my grandmother for dishes she gave me since she is moving into a nursing home tomorrow.

  26. I would write to my friends from school who live in Germany and Ukraine.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  27. My daughter left for college and even though we speak, text and Skype often I still send her snail mail and I can hear in her voice how much it means to her. She’s been getting a card or letter everyday since she left and I would love a new pen to use!!!

  28. I would definitely write to one of my three sisters – writing is such a lost art and I find this so sad.

  29. I would write to all my “old” card making friends that live in Washington state…. I miss all these wonderful friends!!!

  30. I would write a long letter to my dear friend Beate in Germany. It has been 18 years since I have seen her.

  31. I would write my sister, especially since she shares a love for fine pens. She of all people would appreciate it, (I may even be a nice sis, and buy one for her is I should win)

  32. I adore snail mail! I visit the post office at least once a week. I would write my PopPop though. He recently moved.

  33. I would use this to write out my holiday cards this year. I always think it’s extra special to receive a hand written warm wish for the holidays.

  34. I always send cards for special occasions that I won’t be able to give my wishes in person, and of course thank you notes for every birthday and holiday my kids get stuff! It’s always so hard to find a pen that will do — most gel ink bleeds, ballpoints leave blots in the strokes, and sharpies are just too thick. We don’t have Staples here, but I would love to find a pen that I’d hate to lose :)

  35. I have made it a goal to write more thank you notes to the people in my life. receiving a hand written note is a treasure to keep!

  36. I would write to my 87 year old mom and my 93 year old dad.. don’t get to see them as often as I would like, and they love to get hand written notes. I try to write to them about every 10 days, but once a week would be better! New pens would make it even more delightful!

  37. My grandmother. Since moving away from her, she is in Illinois we have been pen-pals and I have been meaning to write her lately. I don’t write as often as I should but I love getting hand written notes from her!

  38. I signed up for the news letter too. Another great way to hear from lots of people at once. I love a hand written note, but am glad you don’t have to hand write hundreds-thousands of newsletters :)

  39. I would write to my best friend from college. She lives in Seattle and I live in MI. Hard to talk to each other with the time change and working around our kids schedules.

  40. I try to write to my two best friends (one in Pittsburgh and the other in Austin). While the Austin friend isn’t too far away (I’m in San Antonio) I still don’t get to see her nearly as often as I like and we both love getting a little special note in the mail.
    My sister hardly ever checks her mailbox and we live in the same city, so I don’t write to her very much, but my best friends are like sisters too. :)

  41. I would write to my pen friends. I have met quite a few fellow “pen addicts” on Twitter and would love to send out some snail mail. :)

  42. My daughters. They may live with me, but a nice handwritten piece of snail mail could be a great keepsake for them.

  43. I would write to my siblings who live all over the country. I think a handwritten note would be a little bit more meaningful than texts and emails. Thanks!

  44. I would write to my sisters, my dear friends from college and High School and an amazing friend in England!

  45. I am always in need of some good pens! I love doing a lot of handwritten art on my website and I would love to try one of these pens! I hate it when I’m working on something and the pen skips and isn’t working right. Hopefully I win!

  46. I have 5 sisters, and it sounds like yours are nearly as great as mine. ;) I love sending them cards now that we are spread all over the country (from Florida to Oregon).

  47. I would write to my hometown friends. About a year ago, my husband and I moved to a different state to follow his job, leaving behind many of the friends I’ve had since elementary school. I love my new home and friends in NC, but I’ve had a hard time keeping in touch with folks I used to see every day. Keeping up with people on Facebook just isn’t the same. I owe them nice, long catch-up kind of letters.

  48. I’d write a letter to my own sister who lives in New Zealand. I try to send her at least 1 letter a month and I know she appreciates it. Being so far away from family is hard and I think snail mail is a more tangible way to keep us connected.

  49. I would write notes to my mother. She is the queen of personalized thank you notes to friends and family, but rarely receives snail mail notes in return. It would make her day to receive one (or many) from me, her favorite daughter! :)

  50. My 7 year old daughter and I write each other notes every few days or so. I think it really helps her open up to me. We even have a dedicated notebook that we pass back and forth.

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