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Heart Counting Activity for Preschoolers

Finding ways to teach my kids and have fun while doing so is important to me. I came up with a simple and fun heart counting activity for my preschooler recently. He is learning numbers and simple counting this year so this heart counting game was perfect for him. Of course Valentine’s Day is coming up next month so this activity has a heart theme for added fun.  I am so glad he had fun with this learning activity and that he can do it over and over again.  We look forward to coming up with more fun learning activities this year.

heart counting activity for preschoolers

Supplies for heart counting activity:

  • foam shaped hearts – I found mine at the dollar store
  • little plastic hearts – also from dollar store
  • sharpie markers
  • small bowl

supplies for heart count


  1. I took the foam heart shapes and wrote out numbers one through ten.
  2. Then I added the small plastic hearts to a bowl.

number hearts

This counting activity was so easy to put together.

preschooler counting activity

I placed the numbered foam hearts on the table with the small plastic hearts in a bowl. My child then sat down and called out the number to me on the heart.  We also talked about the colors of the hearts too.  After he recognized the number he counted out corresponding small hearts for each number. For the number 2 he counted out 2 plastic hearts.

heart counting game for kids

You can even modify this activity and ask them 1 heart plus 2 hearts equals how many.  Or 3 hearts minus 1 heart equals how many.  Great way to introduce addition and subtraction while having fun.

heart counting math activity for kids

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