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Our Hiking Scavenger Hunt Adventure + Video

We’re all ready to go on our hiking scavenger adventure with our scavenger hunt printable. We packed up the car, printed out our Hiking Scavenger Hunt and headed out for an outdoor adventure. Happily, I’m partnering with Subaru once again as we go out exploring with the kids.

Subaru Hiking Family Adventure

Hiking Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Watch our fun family video of our scavenger hunt hike. (There might have been a little dance party in the woods too!)


For our scavenger hunt printable, I placed it into a plastic sheet protector to keep it safe from any dirt or water as we hiked. Inside the sheet protector, I also put a wipe-off marker to help us mark off each item as we found them.

Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids @makeandtakes.com

My kids loved the idea of the scavenger hunt. It was a huge success, they went bananas for it! Things were little more interesting and it kept them engaged all throughout our trek. Hooray!

Taking the Kids on a Hiking Adventure @makeandtakes.com

Now it’s your turn. Pack up your gear, remember your hiking scavenger hunt printable, and head out on the road for your next family adventure!

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**This adventure was proudly made possible by Subaru. Find yours today.


  1. I am absolutely loving this video!! It completely cracks me up and I’m smiling the whole time! I have watched it 3X and I haven’t even shown the kids! haha! More video’s please! This needs to be a Subaru commercial! I was actually going to call you back yesterday and ask more questions about your Subaru. We want one. Then I saw this last night. It’s a sign!

  2. Love your scavenger hunt! We love hiking and doing something fun like that makes it that much better for the kids. I’ll be sharing for sure!

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