Holiday ABC Series: D is for Dipped Desserts

We’re at the letter D for our Holiday ABC series. D is for dipped desserts and we’re dipping all sorts of things to gift for presents to friends and neighbors. This is one of my favorite ways to make treats for giving.

Supplies for Dipping Desserts for Gifts:

  • chocolate chips, colored chocolates in red and green, or melted caramel
  • pretzels, candy canes, or cookies
  • sprinkles

Any combination of the above supplies work perfectly for dipping and gifting. Here’s a few we’ve done for treats:

  • Dipped Cookie Snowmen: If you use the mini chocolate creme cookies, you can make mini snowmen on a stick.

Dip your desserts, let them dry and solidify, and package them up in cute wrapping. Either small cellophane bags and ribbon or you can create these ribbon wreath paper plates for gifting.

What fun things are you dipping to give for the holidays? How are you celebrating the holidays with the letter D?

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