Adorable and Unique DIY Easter Basket Idea for Kids

Instead of buying an Easter basket to fill with eggs this year, give the kids a unique DIY Easter basket and fill it with fun activities. You can make a recycled Easter bunny bucket, crochet an Easter basket using t-shirt yarn, or weave ribbon through plastic baskets. Below, we are showing you how to turn a seed starter pot into an adorable and unique Easter basket for kids of all ages to enjoy.

a seed starter pot easter bucket filled with carrot seeds and a plant marker with paint

This Easter basket might be tiny, but kids are going to love it. Not only is there a special treat to enjoy, but a craft, and gardening activity too. This Easter basket keeps on giving as kids can watch their seeds grow and enjoy the fresh produce they have grown with their own hands.

Unique DIY Easter basket idea for kids

This Easter basket idea is perfect for your kids, nieces and nephews, neighborhood kids, and kids at school. It’s so simple to make too.


  • Seed starter pot
  • Seed packet
  • Unfinished plant marker
  • Paint and a paintbrush
  • A chocolate bunny treat
  • Pipe-cleaner
  • Large sewing needle (or something sharp to make holes in the pot)
  • Tissue paper

carrot seeds, plant marker, paint, paintbrush, and a chocolate bunny to go in an easter basket


Poke holes in either side of your seed starter pot using a large needle. Thread a pipe-cleaner through the holes and twist the ends to make a basket handle.

a pipe cleaner handle on a seed starter pot

Fill your basket with the seed packet, plant marker, paint, and paintbrush.

seeds and a plant marker in a seed starter pot to make a gardening easter basket for kids

Scrunch up a small piece of tissue paper and sit the chocolate bunny on top.

seed start pot turned into an easter basket and filled with seeds and a plant marker craft for kids

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