Make a Recycled Easter Bunny Bucket

We’re making a fun Easter Bunny Bucket from a recycled frosting tub. This white tub works perfect to cover and contain fun Easter treats. We’re using ours to fill with dirt and grow wheatgrass, but you could fill this with yummy Easter treats and snacks for the kids!

Make a Recycled Easter Bunny Bucket

Supplies for Recycled Easter Container:

  • recycled container – this is a frosting tub
  • white cardstock paper
  • cotton ball
  • scissors, markers
  • glue – glue dots work great


1. Measure your white paper around your container. With your scissors, cut the paper to fit the length around the whole container. Leave a few inches of the paper extra long for the bunny’s ears to point out long.

2. Using glue, attach the paper around the container.

3. Color a bunny face with your markers or crayons.

4. Attach a cotton ball with glue to the back of the container as bunny tail.

Now it’s ready to fill up with fun Easter goodies!

Here’s our bunny container with wheatgrass seeds.


Here’s our bunny container with the growing grass.


Have fun growing your Easter Bunny Container Grass!


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