Holiday ABC Series: J is for Joy

There are a lot of other words I could have used for the letter J as part of our Holiday ABC series, but I chose joy. We made a fun framed canvas with the simple word of joy on it. It’s displayed on our shelf to help remind us all to find joy in the holiday season, as we can become unfocused on what this time of year is all about.

Supplies for Framed Joy Canvas:

  • small 2×3 inch white canvas – you could also just use paper or a card as well.
  • glue
  • bell
  • stickers
  • ribbon and scissors

1. Place glue in the center of your small rectangle canvas and add a bell to the glue. The bell is going to be your letter “o” for the word.

2. Using stickers, find the letter j and y and add them to either side of your bell to create the word, JOY.

3. Cut a length of ribbon, enough to go around your frame and tie a bow. Add some glue to the sides of the frame and attach your ribbon, tying it at the top.

Now your JOY is ready to display, hopefully reminding you to find joy in this holiday season.

What are some of the things that bring you joy?

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