Holiday ABC Series: U is for Umbrella

Okay, onto the letter U for our Holiday ABC series and this was a tough one! Unicorns and umbrellas are about the only 2 words that came to mind for something fun to craft and it took me a little bit of extra thinking to come up with an idea. Happily, candy canes and vanilla meringues came to the rescue for our edible umbrellas!

Supplies for Edible Umbrellas:

  • mini candy canes
  • vanilla meringues
  • peanut butter cups – optional

1. Take the straight part of your candy cane and “drill” a hole into the bottom center of your meringue. You’ll need to screw it in, back and forth, to let it make a hole in the bottom.

That’s it! Make a plate of these and serve at your next holiday party, especially if you live in a rainy city like me… Seattle!

Since we had made witch brooms with peanut butter cups and pretzels, we also tried a few peanut butter umbrellas. It’s a bit of a mix with the two flavors of peanut butter and mint, but it made for a few fun umbrellas.

Any other ideas for a holiday U word to craft and create?

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