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Kids in the Craft Room: Craft Supply Storage

We’re here again with another episode of Kids in the Craft Room. Today it’s all about STORAGE. What to do with your craft supplies once you get them. We talked about our favorite kid craft supplies and our favorite kid friendly adhesives. Now here’s how we store them. Thanks again to for sponsoring this video.

Whether you are an avid crafter yourself or you are simply collecting supplies just for the kids, here are a few ways to organize what you’ve got.

Here are more than 20 great ways to Organize Your Crafts!


  1. Just curious where you’ve seen the clear bins half price. I haven’t been looking for them yet, but when I do, I don’t want to overpay!

  2. Two containers I’ve liked using inside of my big clear boxes …

    1. Those plastic square baby food containers with a snap on lid.

    2. Crisco Stick holders … You’ll get 2 and 1 lid. The kids use one for a craft and the other is used for storage.

    1. Those are perfect. I used to have lots of those baby containers, but somehow lost now. I need to find someone who’s feeding a little one!!

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