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Learning to Finger Crochet with Kids + Video

My daughter has been just as interested in yarn arts as I have and having a blast learning to Finger Crochet. It’s been so fun to have her sitting by my side watching what I do, keeping a close eye on my crochet projects.

Kids Who Love to Crochet

Learning to Finger Crochet

She’s so eager to learn that we’ve tried a couple of different times to put a crochet hook in her hand. She’s getting close, we keep trying to tackle a single chain stitch with her crochet hook. So much concentration going on!

Kids and Crochet

But in the meantime, as we keep up with the hook, we’ve learned how to finger crochet. Something that’s easy for her little hands. And she’s become a finger crochet master!

Learn to Finger Crochet

We watched this video together and took to cutting some yarn. From following the video, we cut 3 lengths of chunky yarn and she crocheted them together. Her yarn didn’t last very long as she finger crocheted and ended up with a short stubby piece. Tying a knot at the end, she called it her pet squid! Now we have a whole family of squids, in all sizes and shapes.

Finger Crochet Squids

She’s also been using one piece of yarn at a time, cutting off the ends closer to the knot and calling them her little snakes!

Watch our video:

My daughter teaching us all how to finger crochet:

I couldn’t be happier that she’s taken to this so well. It’s been fun to share in this together. Have you tried finger crochet? Do your kids love to craft with yarn?


  1. Uhhm, when did she become a grown-up?! This is awesome! She’s a mini Marie. “Make sure it’s not too tight or you’ll just make a spider!”:)

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