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Make and Takes Reading Corner: Halloween Stories

It’s time for another episode of Make and Takes Reading Corner for the month of October. And as Halloween is inching closer, it’s always fun to celebrate this ghoulish holiday with some spooky stories.

Watch our video to see what are 4 of our favorite stories to read during the Halloween season:

What fun books are you reading during the month of October? Share the titles in the comments!


  1. We’ve been reading “The Biggest Pumpkin Ever,” “Pumpkin Time,” “The Halloween Play,” and a few other harvest-themed books. Mostly, my kids just love diving into the Halloween Box that has been tucked away in a closet all year long. Even the books that they are getting too old for (like “Dora’s Halloween Adventure,” and “Spot’s Halloween”) are exciting since they haven’t read them in a long time.
    Happy Halloween to you and yours, hope to see you around town one day (I’m a Seattleite too, actually Issaquah but close). :-)

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