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Repeating Mantras for Creative Healing

My year of mindfulness has introduced me to mantras. I had heard of the word mantra, but didn’t really understand what a mantra was. Since learning about them this year, I realize now I had been doing this all my life.

Doubt, Mantras, and Creativity

Mantras are a statement or phrase that is repeated over and over. It was originally found in Hinduism and Buddhism, but has been adopted by many other societies and cultures. It can be a prayer or a special word or phrase that can give you power, mentally and spiritually. Mantras are meant to be repeated and most of the time they are used with meditation. Recently I’ve been using a few mantras by simply calling them out at random times during my day, just when I’m feeling doubt or unworthiness creep in. These phrases are helping me remember who I am and what I believe in, which is myself first and foremost.

This past January I came across the phrase quoted below by the inspirational author and blogger Danielle Laporte. This mantra brought tears to my eyes the second I read it…

“I call all my power back to me now. I am complete and whole.”

Danielle goes on to say,  “Oh power, there you are, right where I left you”.  It’s important for me to remember this last part, as I have always had this power, the power of being me, I just set it down for a while. It’s interesting how easily we can forget.

To make this mantra my own, I’ve changed it up to reflect who and where I am today… sparking my creativity. When I’ve lost faith in myself or feeling useless or unworthy, floundering in my creative self, I remember to call this out over and over again until the words and feelings are settled back in to my soul. It’s a helpful reminder of who I am when doubt somehow lets itself back in. It brings creative power and energy back to my spirit…

“I call all my creativity back to me now. I am complete and whole.”

Mantra I call all my creativity back to me now @makeandtakes

Another mantra I’ve been holding very close to my heart for a couple of years now comes from the creative writer and artist Emily McDowell. Her phrase “I’m a grown-ass lady and I do what I want” makes me feel so empowered. I don’t know why I forget that I’m the only one in control of myself, me! At a time when I was learning to find my voice, having made some personal changes in my life and understanding my own true worth in this world, it came as a roar that all my choices are my own and I take responsibility for them.

Grown Ass Lady Mug Mantra

If you haven’t seen Emily’s art, you must. It’s all so real and authentic, saying the words and phrases you want to be saying on a bag, on a tea towel, on a greeting card, or on a mug. I get to be reminded of my power every time I have my morning cup o’ joe!

Some Thoughts on Doubt

For me, repeating these mantras and holding them close helps to keep out the doubt, fear, and unworthiness that likes to hang around. Ugh. Below is a journal entry I wrote a few weeks back to show an example of how my self talk works…

“What about creativity do I love? What about creativity do I need? Why is it so important for me? How is it helping me? I’m taking creativity for granted because I do have opportunity and access to creativity, the how-to of it does come naturally. Maybe that’s why it’s been so hard to hone in on something so very specific to own, something that is MY thing. I’ve dabbled in it all. Nothing has resonated yet to the point of all encompassing. Writing is beginning to become that. Sharing. Allowing words to flow out of me and somehow they work. Do they? Or is this writing, again, just another dabble? Urg! See. Doubt. Yet again. Doubt, my old friend. Here you are again. Why do I let you in?”

Definition of Doubt

In my quick journal paragraph, I allowed doubt to creep in. So very easily. But happily, by having more awareness and mindfulness, I caught it really quick. I recognized it and then I told it to go away…

“Oh hey, you, doubt… you’re not welcome anymore. In the words of Gloria Gaynor, now another mantra I must keep on repeat: “Go on now, go, walk out the door, just turn around now, ’cause you’re not welcome anymore”


I am enough. I have worth. I am creative.


P.S. go out and get Danielle Laporte’s book The Desire Map – it’s fantastic for finding and following your direction! 

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