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13 Handmade Mother’s Day Gift to Give

We’re sharing DIY handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you find a few last minute ideas. You do not want to forget Mom’s big day. Mom is going to love anything handmade, especially if it’s from YOU. And many of these will work for a fun gift for teacher appreciation week as well! Read through these 13 handmade gift ideas and choose one or two that will be perfect for your sweet mom.

13 Handmade Mother's Day Gift to Give

13 Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Plantable Greeting Card – make this plantable greeting card mom can add right to her backyard gardening. It’s a gift with multiple uses.

2. Homemade Bath Salts and Oils – mom will love a mix of bath salts and oils to relax and enjoy her special day. Package it up super cute and hand it over to mom.

3. WOW Card for MOM – wow mom with this silly mother’s day card, perfect for the kids to help with. Easy and fun!

4. Mother’s Day Coloring Pages – print out these coloring pages to color for a Mother’s Day gift. These coloring pages are perfect for young crafters.

5. Hanging Wire Vase for Mom – use a mason jar to complete this darling hanging flower vase. Such a pretty DIY idea.

6. Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet – curl up a few pipe cleaners to make this sweet flower bouquet. You probably already have all these supplies in your home. No need to head to the store. 

7. Crochet Bracelet with a Button – with just a basic knowledge of crochet, you can whip up this bangle in no time for a Mother’s Day gift.

8. Cupcake Liner Flower Bouquet – decorate a flower bouquet out of cupcake liners found in your kitchen cupboard.

9. Crochet Bookmark Holder – crochet a few of these yarn bookmarks to put in mom’s favorite books.

10. Mother’s Day Breakfast Parfait – mom will love this healthy breakfast to start off her special day! Make it even more special by bringing it to her in bed.

11. Handmade Topiary Card with Dried Flowers – add dried flowers to a greeting card to make a fun topiary shape. Write mom a special note inside about how much you love and appreciate her.

12. Tissue Paper Flowers for Mom – craft these tissue paper circles into flowers for a fun gift. These flowers won’t ever die.

13. Easy Recipe Card Holder – make this easy recipe card holder to gift to mom she can use with all her famous recipes. This will make her cooking experiences so much easier.

Have fun making these handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas!


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