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Organizing All Our Girly Dress-Ups

My girls love to dress up. On a typical afternoon, they’ve managed to change outfits 4-5 times. There seems to be a dress-up for every occasion, tea time, walking their toy dogs, or reading stories. With all these dress ups, I’ve come up with a way to store them, keeping them organized and easy to find.

I love clear tubs. I have them all over my house. You can see what’s inside and it’s tucked away in a nice box. I found this container that is flat, long, included wheels, and has a flip lid. It’s perfect for my girl’s dresses and fits great under their beds. And my girls can each easily open up the flip lid to get out and clean up their dresses. (Really, these dresses should be all perfectly flat and unwrinkled, but I’m not a big stickler about it, they wear just the same!)

I’ve also purchased some of the smaller clear tubs, short enough to go under their bed. Dress up shoes go in one, and accessories go in the other two. A girl must have her accessories!

I’ve found that I like their dress ups all tucked in under their beds rather than hanging them up and taking up more space. It’s helped my girls know right where to put them away when they’re done. And the best part is that they can do it all themselves, love the independence!


  1. We use these under the bed bins, too, for toy storage. LOVE them! I love your idea of organizing the dress-ups into categories and individual bins. My kids keep ALL of theirs in a big bin in their closet, which can be a huge mess when playing! We are so doing this when my kids move in together this summer. Thanx for the idea (my husband loves it, too!)!!

    You could also incorporate some reading skills into this by putting a label with a picture and word on each bin (once a teacher, always a teacher! Sorry!).

    Thanx again! :)

  2. I have used these totes as underbed storage in my sons room for quite some time now. I cringe at the thought of a deep toy box full of things being crushed and banged around (not to mention the number of items that end up at the bottom and forgotten about). I find that storing my son’s toys neatly in shallow bins or on shelves keeps them in great shape. Most of his toys show little wear even though they are played with regularly! I keep his dress up stuff, cars and trucks, stuffed animals, and other items that don’t fit on the selves organized under his bed. Books, battery operated toys, and larger trucks/cars are on shelves, and toys with lots of small parts are in smaller bins on shelves. He knows just where to put things at clean up time, and beleive it or not he rarely looses peices. As an added bonus, it is easy for me to decide which items he has outgrown and remove from his room to avoid clutter, as everything is easily accessible.

  3. What a brilliant idea! I have some under the bed storage in my husband and my room, but not the kids. My daughter’s dress up tub is a big heap of stuff in her closet. I’m now inspired to tame it. Thanks! :)

  4. I love under the bed storage. What a great idea! I’m hosting We’re Organized Wednesday through Saturday and would love for you to join the party.

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