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3 Places to Spark Creative Inspiration

If you’re looking to cultivate more creativity in your life, whether it’s for a personal or professional purpose, here are my 3 favorite places to go to get your creative inspiration flowing!

3 Places to Spark Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration Library

I’m becoming more and more obsessed with creativity —> why we all need it and how we all have the capabilities for it. So let’s get our creativity on and create in a joyful way.

First off, let’s get something straight. We are all creative. We just are. There’s no dispute. No debating this. It just is. Our level of creative depth could be different from one another, especially in one area over another, but we create. Yes, you could be in a creative block, you might be feeling stagnant, you may have been taking a break, or you might be buying in to a few creative myths. But you MUST say this with me… “I am creative”!

I am creative mantra

If we think it, we BE it.

Be awesome. Be you. Be creative.

Allow yourself to own your creativity, first and foremost.

Now, that’s not to say you might be missing something, some creative part of yourself not showing itself, maybe lost, maybe dormant or dimmed. But at this moment, you’re currently not feelin’ it. Yeah, I’m there too. I’m in that place of not currently feelin’ it.

But recently something in me has been sparked. A flicker. A slightly warm little light making its way through my creative soul, waking me up! Through my year of mindfulness and allowing myself space to reflect, heal, listen, and learn, I’m ready begin anew.

Definition of anew

And it feels so good. I feel alive. This creative spark is bringing back life to my creative spirit that brings me life, prana, and I’m ready to cultivate it, care for it, nurture it, and allow it to BLOOM.

To help nurture my creative self, I LOVE to visit inspiring places. They are like little mini-vacays. And I go by myself. An “artist date”. A creative day out to explore and it’s such a treat. I sometimes wonder if I can allow myself to have this time, but I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION. And you can too!

What you need for quick creative travels:

These are just a few things you might want to bring along on your outing. The “just-in-case” items that might come in handy as you’re out exploring.

  • Gel pens and a journal – you might want to make a list of things, doodle, or get inspired to write a story or poem. And gel pens are great for smooth writing, plus they shine as you write – yes!
  • Smartphone or point and shoot camera – there might be a photo opp you’ll want to snap as you’re out and about, for remembering or being creative as you find something lovely to photograph.
  • Sticky notes – these come in all sizes and so easy to have nearby. Along with a pen or crayon or pencil, you can jot a thought down in a flash.

3 Creative Inspiration Go-to Places

1. Local Library:

This is the place to go for all kinds of inspiration, and those moments when you just need a quick getaway. It’s free, quiet, and clean. And there’s no pressure to buy anything, you could stay all day. I HIGHLY recommend you go BY YOURSELF. Oh ya. No kids this time. It’s all about you and getting inspired. That can be hard to do with little ones in tow.

I love to read the magazines first, as it saves me from having to buy any, and I can get current on the latest trends. This is a good time to have your pen and paper handy for note taking. My library also has a great selection of craft and DIY books, so you can sit and read up about how to crochet, paint, or sew. Then I love to simply grab a book off the recommended reading shelf and veg out, clearing my mind for a bit.

Creative Inspiration at the Library

2. Craft Supply Store:

You could visit any type of supply store that sells creative items. Craft store, yarn store, fabric store, hardware store, or the farmer’s market. I walk the aisles and go as slow as I can down each row, taking it all in. Many craft stores have fun displays where they’re showcasing specific items or holiday projects, and these are great to gleam inspiration from. Or just walking down an aisle that has loads of beads or stickers or paper. Touch everything, get textile with your crafty supplies. You may even come across a craft supply you have seen before or used yet. This is where the magic happens. Buy it right then and there or make a plan to purchase or create your own.

Finding Farmers Market Yarn

3. Outside in Nature:

Get outdoors! I know, so cliche, yet it’s so absolutely important. Whether is the beach and water, the woods and tall trees or a local iconic cityscape to view, find your perfect place. It could be a place you visit again and again, or be creative in your outdoor activities and pick a new place to inspire you every time you venture out. I love to go down to the water about once a week near my house, and I get to see the beautiful Seattle skyline. So lovely, and the view of water always fills me up.

Seattle City Skyline

Or I head over to Bainbridge Island every few months and visit the local Labyrinth near town. It’s breathtaking, and I always find something new to discover within the path as I walk.

Bainbridge Island Labyrinth

Ok, now you have 3 super simple ways to find creative inspiration as you head out… the library, craft store, or outdoors for a walk. Make it happen and get inspired!

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