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9 NOW Ideas: Podcasts to Spark Your Creativity

Listening to podcasts is one my favorite things to do! I pop in my headphones and listen while I go on my morning walks or I turn an episode on while I’m in the car on a long drive, even while I’m editing content for the blog, I’m always listening to something. Podcasts are great to listen with my family on road trips or all by myself and get in some me time.

Podcasts to Inspire Creativity

While I love me some SuperSoul Conversations with Oprah or listening to Reply All on a long drive (so fascinating), I also LOVE to be inspired and hear what’s going on in the creative world. If you’re a creative person or you want to spark your creativity, here are 9 fabulous podcasts just for you! (Plus a couple bonuses because I can’t help myself!)

9 Podcasts to Spark Your Creativity

NOTE: there are a lot of ways to listen to podcasts, all of which are free! You can listen on your computer if you click the links below, or on your smartphone with a few different apps – iTunes Podcasts App, Soundcloud, Google Play, Spotify, Overcast.

1. Craft Hangout: these crafty ladies are super fun to listen to and always bring on a very engaging guest. I literally want to hangout with them!

2. Dear Handmade Life: Nicole is one of my favorite creatives, founder of the crafty workshop conference Craftcation, she’s always sharing something great to help you forward your creative business.

3. Badass Creatives – I’ve just discovered this podcast and loving it! It’s all about making art every day and the inspiration to get us all going and help change the world for the better!

4. Kick in the Creatives: I love all the tips and tricks they share for amping up your creativity! From sketching and art journaling, to finding your creative style and making the most out of your creative space.

5. The Very Serious Crafts Podcast: they share lots of creative trends, problem solving through crafts, inspiration, and all around creative magic.

6. The Creative Superheroes: This podcast features amazing superhero creatives who share their love of crafting and art with all of us!

7. Elise Gets Crafty: Elise is a creative blogger who loves to share and inspire other creatives! Join her as she interviews really fun people and how and why they are crafty too!

8. The Accidental Creative: Lots of tips for creatives, as well as engaging interviews from people who are thinkers, leaders, and artists.

9. How She Creates: This podcast is all about creative adventure, finding your passion and how you will want to create too!

+bonus Creative Podcasts:

  • StitchCraft Marketing – this if for business focused creative people. Really great tips for growing your handmade business with really helpful ideas.
  • While She Naps: this podcast is all about makers and making! There are great recommendations for what they love and growing a business.
  • Create and Thrive: Jess Van Den turned her love of jewelry into a successful handmade business and she encourages you to do the same with your creative hobby!

What are you listening to?

Are you a podcast listener? Please share what you’re listening to, whether it’s about creativity or something totally different. I love them all!

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9 Podcasts to Spark Your Creativity

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