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Sending Your Valentine a Card

Here’s a few fun Valentine Cards I’ve made in the past for my sweetheart. These would be great to give to your loved ones too, both young and old.


  1. So cute! I usually put together some sort of treasure hunt for him with clues… I may have to try a puzzle one for hubby this year… but I’ll hide the pieces with a clue on the back of each one. He’ll have to find all the pieces to find out what our plans are for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the idea!

  2. What great card ideas. Love the stitched card idea. Think that’s what I’ll do for the guys (that my class mails things to regularly) that are serving in the military–just to give them a little bit of homemade flavor. These guys are just kids in my eyes–not even 20 yet! So I’m sure they’ll love them.

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