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Snow Clothes, Renting Skis, & Riding the Lift

As I’ve written in an introduction post here, Park City Mountain Resort is sponsoring my son through their new program StartNOW. He’s had his first lesson and well on his way to calling himself a skier! Below I’m sharing a few of the things we learned on our first day at ski school.

Snow Clothes: It gets pretty cold up on the mountain, especially riding the lift. I highly suggest a hoodie like this (aka balaclava). It’s perfect for keeping the wind off your cheeks and chin. And yes, those are red death skeleton heads that Dad chose, thanks Jordan!

Renting Skis: The staff at park city are awesome, especially the ski rental employees. They are quick and informative and even help you put on your boots! But you do have to walk up the stairs by yourself with your boots on. It takes a few times to get used to that.

Ski Instructor: His instructor was great. Very friendly and approachable. My son’s instructor told him that he knows if it’s cold when there’s ice on his mustache, and there was! There were just a few kids his age in his class, small enough that I felt like he was getting enough attention.

Riding the Lift: Their class talked all about going on a lift, how to get on, how not to move, how not to look back, how to get off. After his lesson we went with him on the lift and he knew just what to do: tips up, bar down, and face forward!

Ready for More: We’ve still got bounce-back passes to use, all 4 of them, and my son can’t wait. Can you tell?!


  1. Allison – Funny you say that. Everyone say’s he’s a mini Jordan, my husband!

    Vanessa – your girls would love this. Even just putting them into their regular ski classes is the way to go. They know what they’re doing over there!

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