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Update on My Square Foot Garden

We’ve just about wrapped up our vegetable garden for this summer season. I’ve loved having a square foot garden, growing veggies right in my backyard. There’s just something different and yummy about growing your own food, as well as a sense of accomplishment.

Planting a Potato Garden with Kids

I really think I was able to maximize my garden space with the 4×5 foot garden bed I had to work with. I’ll be doing it again next year. It’s fun to take pictures of my garden throughout the season to see what progress it’s made. Here’s what it looked like all summer long:

  • July Veggie Garden: Peas came and went quick. Soon after were my beans. And then my garlic was ready to dig out.
  • Today: All that is left are a few onions and my 2 tomato plants. I just pulled up the last of my red potatoes. And my cantaloupe didn’t make it. I was in a bad spot for water. I need to install a drip line for watering next year!

Potato Planting in a Garden

But my potatoes have been my favorite to grow by far! So easy. Once the plant on top gets really big, flowers, and then starts to wilt, you can dig them up. It was like a fun treasure hunt. I’m sure I still have a few in there hidden (they will probably just turn into plants next year!)

Planting Potatoes in a Garden

Did you grow a garden at home? How did it turn out? What was your favorite to grow, and eat?


  1. Square foot gardening is great! Please remember you must rotate your night shade plants, tomatoes, potatoes and egg plants. Do not plant them in the same place each year. Switch out with peas, beans, corn, lettuce, beets or onions perhaps some herbs too.
    Record what you planted where, keep records from year to year. This helps keep pests and diseases from growing in your garden.
    Mainly, have fun in the soil, it is a healthy hobby and the food you grow is worth it.

  2. I love this, my daughter and I were just contemplating how to have our own garden. She attends Montessori school, so she gardens daily and wants to do it at home! This is very inspirational!

  3. This is great! I cleaned out our raised beds a little yesterday but I’d forgotten about square foot gardens. This is what we’ll be doing this year. Thanks! :)

  4. It’s been nice to actually see how well your square foot garden has done. The amount of stuff you’ve been able to grow in such a small space is amazing. I’ve been intrigued with square foot gardening since I discovered it a couple years ago, unfortunately where I’m living right now I haven’t been able to try it. Hopefully we’ll be in a new house next year & I can try right along with you!

  5. Crystal – snap peas are my favorite too. I could grow rows and rows of them!!

    Ashley – Thanks! You’ve got to do it. There is so much to take from growing your own food!

  6. We just grew our first garden/garden box this year and I discovered for the first time I love snap peas/snow peas. I also ate my heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers until I was green in the face!

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