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What Crafting Supplies Do You Have on Hand?

Is it glue, paper, crayons, OR yarn, paint and beads? Head on over to Blissful Kids and take a poll listing lots of crafty closet supplies. I’d really love to see what kind of things are on hand at your house.

Blissful Kids


  1. I’ve been collecting stuff for 25 years working with Preschoolers. I have craft sticks in various sizes, styles, colors, and sequence, beads (boxes of them), sewing, yarn, buttons, paper, pictures, painting, glueing, punch embroidery, soap, candles … and tons more. Rarely do I have to go purchase anything anymore to pull of an instant craft idea. Did I mention pom poms, foamies, …. I really need to go through and sort it all again, because often I cannot find the exact item that I am looking for when I have an idea. Oh…. and not everything is for the preschoolers. Did I mention I haven’t got a crafty cell in my whole body? I love doing preschool crafts because nobody can tell whether I did it or the kids! LOL

  2. Pulleeez! Of course I have every one of them! That’s nothin’! Lets talk how big is your fabric stash/button stash/yarn stash/scrapbook paper stash/ribbon stash! Seriously!

  3. I hardly have any! I better catch up! I think we have crayons, markers, finger paint and construction paper. Oh yeah and a pair of scissors.

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